"Animal Atomizer"
Season 1, Episode 1
Director: ATSuperFan
"Mega Finn"

Animal Atomizer is the first episode of ATSuperFan's episodes. It is about Finn and Jake getting ahold of a machine that turns people into animals.


Princess Bubblegum has to go to a royal meeting and she leaves Finn and Jake in charge of her latest invention which turns people into animals, but the Ice King comes along and makes everything get out of hand.


Finn and Jake come over to Princess Bubblegum's castle and go into her lab where she is making a machine that turns people into animals. She tells them that it's untested and not safe to use yet. Then, she gets called to go to a royal meeting and she leaves Finn and jake in charge of guarding it while she's gone.

Finn and Jake are doing a great job guarding the Animal Atomizer until Ice King busts in and tries to kill them. Finn and Jake start to fight and battle the Ice King until Ice King gets ahold of the Animal Atomizer and uses it on Finn which turns him into a chicken. Then Jake tries to grab it from him and Ice King turns him into a cow. Then Finn jumps up and knocks the Animal Atomizer out of his hands which shoots a laser when it hits the ground turning him into a rabbit.

The trio all start fighting over the Animal Atomizer. Finn gets turned into a pig, and Jake gets turned into a crocodile, Ice King gets turned into a lemur, and Finn gets tirned into a giraffe, Jake gets turned into an armadillo, Ice King gets turned into a turtle and Finn gets turned into a buttefly, then Finn gets turned into a sheep and Ice King gets turned into a Tiger and he jumps onto Finn and then Jake turns him into a porcupine and he bounces off of Finn's bouncy wool and he gets himself stuck into the wall with his quills. Then Ice King shoots himself off of his quills and grabs the Animal Atomizer bumping into it turning Jake into a raccoon. Jake jumps on Ice King's back but he grows his quills back and shocks him into the air where he gets shot by finn turning him into an elephant which crushes Ice King and his quills. The fight gets taken outside and they all start running around the Candy Kingdom with the Animal Atomizer turning them into different animals. Ice king gets turned into a goat and Finn gets turned into a bear and then Ice King gets turned into a lizard then Finn gets turned into a crap and their all on Jake's back the whole time who's been turned into an elephant.

The Ice King get's turned into a hawk and he picks up the animal atomizer and carries it up to a tall tower of the candy kingdom. Finn and Jake are a Crab and an Elephant at the time and they both have a plan to get Ice King to give them their gun. Jake uses his trunk to fling Finn up into the air and pinch Ice King. The shock makes him kick the animal atomizer back down to Jake again which turns him into a Jellyfish. Jake squirms across the ground holding the animal atomizer in one of his tentacles and fin safely lands on him while Ice King lands on his tentacles.

Ice King turns Finn and Jake into a mouse and a mole rat and he chases after them. Then, Finn gets turned into a monkey and he grabs onto Ice Kings face and starts pulling on it, Ice King grabs the animal atomizer and shoots Jake with it. Ice King gets Finn off his face and he sees that Jake has become a T-rex who roars into his face scaring his feathers off. Ice King starts runnung away from him screaming like a mad man and Finn is riding happily on his back with the animal atomizer zapping him into the bodies of a moose, a kangaroo, a horse, a penguin, a snake, a dolphin, and a rhinoceros. Ice King turns around when he's in the body of a rhinoceros and rams into Jake causing him to trip and causing Finn to go flying and smack into a land post where he drops the animal atomizer.

The fight gets taken out of the candy kingdom and one shot gets on the snail turning him into a human, then another shot goes onto him turning him back into a snail again. The fight goes all around OOO and they are all turning into other different crazy animals doing a whole bunch of rediculous things.

Finn, Jake and Ice King get back into the lab when Princess Bubblegum starts coming back and they all turn back into their normal selves again, but when they start talking Finn has Ice King's voice, Ice King has Jake's voice and Jake has Finn's voice.




Ice King

Princess Bubblegum

Candy People


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