AT oc Finn and DJ by DragonMew

Andre Tha Human


Andre has finns hat but his black hair is sticking out of it.He wears a red top and blue jeans with black gloves and shoes .He also has finns bag.


Andre is a 13 year old boy who lives in the land of Ooo with his dog shadow.He has a crush on sexy princess the best fiighter in Ooo. Andre is one of the last people who are humans like finn so he is one of a kind.


Andre lived in the human world (Earth) he ran away from home to be an adventurer.On his adventure shadow found a blue orb which had some kind of solar system in it.When he touched it he transported to the land of Ooo.Andre didn't know where he was and started talking to himself suddenly shadow started to talk . Andre and shadow saw a place onfire called Knight kingdom so they saved it and became knights to the sexy princess.


Shadow the dogEdit

Shadow is 27 years old and Andre's best friend and best bro.Shadow can shape shift into different kinds of weapons including swords,axes,staffs even rightous armour.

Sexy Princess Edit

AT oc Finn and DJ by DragonMew (1)

Sexy Princess

The sexy princess is Andre's crush and she also the like him but can't tell him!

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