"And Your Wish Is?"
Season 2, Episode 15
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"The Singing Flew"
"Discovering Unknown Lands"

"And Your Wish Is?" is the fifteenth episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


Gene lost his lava-lamp that falls in the hands of several people, causes that Gene has to fufill three wishes again.


Gene was floating through his home with a plate that had some drinks and junkfood on it. He said out loud that this game night was going to be awesome. After he placed down the plate he went to see his lava lamp but saw that it was gone. Gene panicked and had to find it, he quickly wrote a note, hung it at the door and went out to search his lava lamp. Not shortly after that Finn and Jake arrived with BMO, they saw the note on the door and read it. It said that Gene was out to find his lava lamp, because bad things can happen when it falls into the wrong hands. Finn and Jake decide to search for the lamp too. They say BMO to wait at the door and that they will be back in no time.

Gene floats over Ooo when he suddenly disappears and appears in his lamp. He says that someone must've rubbed it. Gene came out and saw a Banana Guard in front of him. Gene introduced himself as the genie from this lamp and said he is intitled to three wishes to his hearts desire, no moe no less. Gene says there are rules, you cannon wish for life nor death, not for love or more wishes. And once spoken a wish cannot be undone no matter what the consequences. The Banana Guard's first wish is that he gets payed more. Gene annoyed grants his wish that he ears one coin more than before. Banana Guard angry says he wants to earn a lot more. Gene raises his wage with five coins. Banana Guard says that isn't a lot. Gene replies it is a lot for him. Banana Guard eventually wishes that his colleagues were here to arrest him for fraude. Gene grants his wish and immediately goes back into his lamp. The other Banana Guards pick up the lamp and decide to put it in a shop. Gene on the inside sees that the design is very old still from before the Great Mushroom War. But he hopes Finn and Jake come to wish him free again, so in the meantime he watches television.

Finn and Jake are walking through the Ice Kingdom to look for Ice King. They see he isn't home and want to leave when they suddenly encounter him, after he came back from a trip to Wizard City. Finn and Jake asked what he was doing there, and Ice King said he went to the Secret Wizard Club. Finn and Jake quickly figured out he didn't have the lamp and continued. Ice King asked if they didn't want to ask him more questions and thus left sad.

Gene felt that his lamp was picked up and he saw it was Lumpy Space Princess, he then desperately said; "From everyone in Ooo, it has to be her." LSP bought the lamp and walked to her home in the woods. She cleaned the lamp and Gene came out to LSP's surprise. Gene said his text again and LSP did her first wish. She wished for a pretty new dress, and so she got. Then she wished for a bigger tent, and so she got. For her last wish she wanted a year supply for food in can. Gene fist asked if she didn't want to do anything about those lumps, but LSP angrily said those were sexy, thus granted her food wish. LSP asked if this thing is even useful now, and Gene said, seeing an oppertunity, that she easily could bring the lamp to the lava tipped mountains. LSP disagreed and decided to sell it to Choose Goose.

Choose Goose got the lamp and rubbed over is, as adviced by LSP. Gene came out and did his introduction again. Choose Goose wished for a printer, a fly-flap and a box of chocolate. Gene already figured the goose was retarted. Choose Goose put the lamp in his shop and waited. Chet came by to buy a printer, followed by a Fly who bought the fly-flap and then in the evening Marceline came and bought the box of chocolates. She then noticed the lamp of Gene and decided to buy that one too. Gene who was sleeping woke up because Marceline picked him up. He saw Marceline's face and almost was scared that she now had the lamp.

Meanwhile Finn and Jake were in the Candy Kingdom where they saw many Banana Guards laughing together. Finn and Jake walked up to them and asked why they were laughing. A Banana Guard said that he found a lamp wished for a raise and then put the lamp in a shop. Finn asked which one and the Banana Guard pointed to the shop across the street. Finn and Jake entered the shop and asked the cashier if anyone bought a lamp. The cashier answered that a lumpy purple creature bought it. Finn and Jake immediately knew who it was and went to LSP.

Marceline rubbed the lamp and Gene introduced himself. Marceline chuckled and did her first wish, which was Gene to turn into a green lizard with a mustache. Gene did that and Marceline commented that was an easy wish. Her second wish was that Gene has to clean up her house without using magic. Gene looked with big eyes, but had to do it. After he was done Marceline did her last wish, that was to let Gene kiss her boot. Gene denied, but Marceline knew he couldn't so Gene was forced to kiss her boot, as Marceline laughed.

Finn and Jake arrived at LSP and asked her where Gene's lamp was, she said she sold it to Choose Goose. Jake commented that this could be an endless search. They went to Choose Goose who said he sold it to the vampire girl. They went to Marceline's house in the hope Gene would be there. They opened it and saw Marceline sitting on the couch. She asked what the purpose of their visit was, and Finn said they were looking for Gene's lamp. Marceline laughed and she said she burried it at the graveyard in the Candy Kingdom after she visited Princess Bubblegum. Finn and Jake quickly rushed outside while Marceline was rolling on the floor laughing.

Gene was sitting in his lamp and already gave up on Finn and Jake finding him. Gene plumped down on the couch and watched some television. Suddenly he heard something, he muted the TV, and heard it was the noise of a shovel. He looked and saw that someone was digging him up, when the earth was away he saw it was Starchy. Starchy picked the lamp up and rubbed the remaining dirt away. Gene came out and introduced himself. Starchy laughed and said he already was happy. He then asked if Gene had any wishes. Gene said he wanted to be free again, so Starchy wished his freedom. Gene was very happy and asked what Starchy's second wish was. Starchy decided to wish that Gene got the last wish. Gene hugged Starchy and gave him a free new shovel for his kindness. Starchy said "Just what I wanted." Gene then searched for Finn and Jake. The three bumped into each other at the Candy Kingdom and Gene said a nice guy helped him. The three then decided to play video games at the Tree Fort. When arriving at the Tree Fort they called for BMO but noticed he wasn't home. Meanwhile BMO was still sitting in front of Gene's mansion.


Main CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit


  • Snail appears at Choose Goose's shop.
  • When Marceline wishes Gene to be a green lizard with a mustache he retains this appearance for the rest of the episode.

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