Alicia AT
Name Alicia
Gender Female
Age 16 (Currently)
Species Human
Occupation Heroine
Duelist (Yu-Gi-Oh World)
Pokemon Trainer (Pokemon World)
Meowling (When on missions or while roaming in the Magical DoReMi World)
Fairy (Winx Club World)
Soul Reaper/Vizard (Bleach)
Mage (Fairy Tail)
Ooo Academy Student
Relatives Victoria (Mother)

Rose and Lisa (Aunts)
Nana and Papa (Grandparents)

Introduced In The Beginning
Latest Appearance Hero Time!
Voiced by Unknown as of yet

History Edit

Before the Land of Faa was created, Alicia was just a normal girl who had a love for anime and wished for her fantasy to turn into a reality. After a major unknown storm phenomena, everything seemed fine, until Alicia looked outside and eveything was covered in fog. Alicia also spotted a Wildmutt from which she recognized from the Ben 10 world.


Apperance and EquipementEdit

Wing StaffEdit

Her staff looks similar to Cardcaptor Sakura's. It's ablilty is to fly by extending it's wings, and when in battle, it's ablilty is to blast out light lazers.

Heart MorpherEdit

Changes her appearance in armor attire.



She appears shy and gentle at first, but later on she becomes adventurous. She is smart, out-going and funny and loves anime and manga. She is boy-crazy.



  • Insert fun facts about the character in a viewers point of view....


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