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Wolf Kingdom


Unknown parents, Wolves


Finn, Jake, Wolves, Silver


Ice King, Residences of Ooo

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The Werewolf Princess

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Alex, Alexis, Lexi, The Werewolf Princess

Alexandra is a dumb girl who lives with abusive werewolves. She is unaware of what the world is like and Finn and Jake are kind enough to help her with understanding what it's like.


When Alexandra was only 2 months old, her parents, the king and queen of an unknown land in Ooo abandoned her somewhere in the middle of a forest. In the forest, A wolf found Lexi and used his mouth to pock her up by her diaper. He carried her to a large rocky area where there lived a pack of wolves. Through her childhood she serves as a teething object, a punching bag, a toilet, and many other horrible things. This carried on for a very long time and she just wished she could be a friend rather than crap to the wolves.

She was about 8 years old when she finally learned to speak wolf by hearing the other wolves speak and a very sad but respectful and forgiving Lexi learned to speak their language. When she talked to the wolves she said that she wanted to be their queen and rule over them. The wolves did not like the idea of her ruling over the kingdom because they did not want to have someone boss them around and ruin their freedom, but they came to an agreement that she would simply be just a princess so that she could rule over them all she wanted but when it came to giving them any commands, they would have to approve of it before they would do it. This wasn't very fair but because she was at such a low intelligence rate, she thought it to be pretty fair. Apparently, Alexandra wasn't only stupid, but also was very easy to enrage and things got on her nerves very easily and got her into the most ultimate of rages. Unfortunately, she was a very weak girl and she caused no harm whatsoever in her freak-outs and she was always getting beaten up by the wolves and was always on the ass-end of things when she tried to attack, battle, and fight.

The wolves and Alexandra got along quite well as friends for an amount of time excluding her pathetic outbreaks of anger and her occasional beat-ups-to-the-rear as her repetitive responses but this was all until she became 10, the wolves grew tired and weary of her and a lot more short-tempered with her and they all attacked her whenever she gave out any commands. Unfortunately for her, the weak-minded and stupid Alexandra didn't seem to catch on to this repeating thing and she kept on doing exactly what triggered them to do so and fell right into it multiple times without her weak and puny small brain processing the recurring thing going on.

When Alexandra was 13, she met Finn and Jake accidentally and befriended them. Finn and Jake being such kind citizens, taught her the english language so that she could communicate with them. She asked them if she could live with them, but they refused, for they didn't want her to be in their home. Finn and Jake became fond of her and wanted to be nice to her all the time.


Alex is a young blue girl with black hair being held back in a ponytail with and on top are two bobby pins. Her physical appearance is very similar to that of 13-year old Marceline, although she has no fangs or bite marks on her neck just a normal mouth and two black dots for eyes. She wears a white shirt with red sleeves with red and white sneakers, a red ponytail holder and white bobby pins as casual clothing. For her formal clothing which she uses when being royal and ruling the Wolf Kingdom, she wears a black sparkling gown and wears black high heels, her bobby pins turn purple and her ponytail holder turns white.


Lexi is very confused unaware dumbfounded girl who's future ahead is pretty much hopeless. She knows nothing about anything thats going on in the world. She is clueless and her mind is a complete blank. Luckily for her, Finn and Jake are to help her figure out what's going in in the world but she rarely ever tends to understand, however in the episode "The Werewolf Princess" Alexandra learned English very easily. She gets extremely overly angry very, very easily and when she does, she calls out her wolves to attack who or whatever is making her mad but when she does her wolves always end up attacking her. Because she is so mentally undeveloped, she never catches on to the running theme of this happening and always walks right into the same thing every single time. Finn and Jake really care for her and try to tell her to stop doing so but it just never happens. She is completely helpless and has no known way of ever getting to be a smart normal person.


Alexandra has the ability to communicate with wolves. She also has the ability to summon wolves but they always attack her when she does.


Finn - Alex is friends with Finn and she thinks of Finn as her best friend. Finn likes to teach her things to power her small weak mind but most of the things don't get through to her. Outside of Finn teaching her things, Finn also likes to chill out with her and have fun.

Jake - Jake is a friend of Alexis who wants to teach her things about the real world so that he can make her smart but it doesn't really work. Jake also likes to have fun with her sometimes.

Ice King - In the episode "Ice Hate Everything" Alexis and the Ice King befriended each other and Alexis officially made Ice King her best friend knocking Finn off the block. They even started to date in the episode for a few weeks but then she thought that Ice King loved Princess Bubblegum more and stopped being his friend and started hating him.

Silver - Silver is the king wolf of the pack of wolves who abusively raised her. She gets treated like crap by him but she still wants to live with him.

CMO - Alexandra once dated CMO because of them both being brutally abused all the time. Unfortunately for her, CMO attacked her and won more respect for himself before they could get married because it was a plan all along.

Episode AppearancesEdit

  • The Werewolf Princess
  • Call of the Wild
  • Sick Pack
  • The Coyotes
  • Ice Hate Everything
  • One of Them
  • Princesses Only (Cameo)
  • Magical Mind of Madness (Mentioned)
  • It's Over Now
  • ALX & CMO
  • Just Kidding Around

Episodes FeaturedEdit

The Werewolf Princess - This is the episode where she first met Finn and Jake. This was the episode where they taught her English. They introduced her around the land of OOO until something got her really angry and she called out her wolf troops to go attack, Finn and Jake freaked out and thought it was over for them until the wolves ironically attacked her instead of them. The wolves, surprisingly able to speak English, ran back to their kingdom leaving her to grieve in pain for a while. Finn and Jake did not like what they saw and went over there so that they could talk and maybe even beat some sense into them, but the wolves so cleverly persuaded their way out of it by saying "Okay so you don't want us to beat up her, the only other option when she calls us out is for us to beat up you" Finn and Jake explained how they could overpower them easily. The pack leader, startlingly swooped right up into Finn's face as a test for lies and Finn didn't even flinch. The wolf replied "Huh, not bad, you didn't even flinch" they became more fond and friendly to one another and talked about her and how she annoys them, as they did they treated them nicely and got the conversation started in a way where they could both agree on something, but then got to the part where they would have a disagreement about her. Finn and Jake tried to go up against what they did but them being so good to them twisted up anything they could have possibly said making it so that they would have to allow that. Finn and Jake did but only as long as they could have something in their part of the deal, was to let her be generally protected from all other offenses in the world. The agreement was accepted and concluded to that of the ending and Finn and Jake taught her about all of the offenses by putting her in real life situations as an example. This only led to more of Alexis getting angry and calling out the wolves and her getting brutally hurt. Finn and Jake tried to explain to her how that was a bad idea but she didn't stop. Finn said "I guess some things are meant to be the way their meant to be" and Jake replied with "That's just how it's meant to be brother" he said while they looked into the distance of Alexandra getting brutally hurt by the wolves.

Call of the Wild - Alexis keeps on calling out the wolves for things that make her mad and the wolves are sick of it and want to make a way for her to shut up so they resort to Finn and Jake and ask for their help. Finn and Jake say that they don't wanna do that to her but they convince them to do it by saying that if she's quiet, they won't ever attack her anymore. This makes loads of sense to them and they set off on trying to shut her face. The first thing hey do is they try to solve her anger issues by getting Choose Goose to help them. He tries but he makes no progress at all. After that episode is over, they make a plan B. This is to make her lose her ability to call the wolves by sewing her mouth shut with the help of Raggedy Princess. This fails. Their final and last idea is to change her call to something different. They go to Doctor Princess so that she can do surgery on her and they can change her call. They change her call to something else and that call is to summon ancient sikick tandum war elephants and when she does that, they only beat her up and it's only worse than what the wolves do to her. Finn and Jake just say "Close Enough" and jet off.

Sick Pack - Alexis is having fun with Finn and Jake outside of their freedoms while they try and teach her things about the world. A Bee stings her which triggers her anger and she calls out the wolves to go and kill it. They attack her instead and when they do she gets hurt and Finn and Jake try to convince her to stop doing that because it will only get her hurt, but she is too stupid to understand. Silver sees some strange looking fruits on a bush and he asks about them. Finn tells them that those are Chumpo Chumps. He says he's eaten them before but he doesn't really like them all that much and Jake's never tasted them before. Silver takes some so he can eat them but the other wolves don't want any. Later Alex is outside and gets annoyed by a lightning bug and calls out the wolves on it. The wolves attack her but Silver seems to be sick. Finn and Jake go to the Wolf Kingdom to see what's happened to him. It was from the Chumpo Chumps. Those things are only safe for human consumption. So they venture off to go and get the antidote. When they come back Silver is healthy again but then Alex is sick. Finn and Jake just leave her there like they don't even care.

The Coyotes - Alex is playing alone out in the woods with some 5 year old toys when a wild gang of Coyotes come and attack her. She calls out for help out of anger for them hurting her and when the Wolves come, instead of beating her up they stop and see what is revealed to be their mortal enemies. Backstory is explained about them years before they found Alex and how they are their worst enemies. They fight with the Coyotes and they get beaten for what they did. Things carry on like this and the Coyotes try multiple things to stop it but can't. Finally in the end, the Coyotes have an idea to feed her glue covered food to keep her mouth shut so she can't call them out and they do their dirty deeds on her. Later the Wolves find Lexi and get mad at her for letting them get away with the last laugh and beat her up leaving her right back where they started.

Ice Hate Everything - When the Ice King was was walking along filled with rage about how he hates everything, he came across the Wolf Kingdom. Where the wolves were having a party and Lexi invited him in to join the fun. Ice King had fun for once finally partying with all the other wolves. Lexi got the crap beaten out of her and she went outside to go and cry about it. The Ice King feeling so horrible for her because of how he sees himself in her place, goes out there with her to talk about it. He tells her he knows exactly how he feels, getting beaten up by Finn and Jake all the time. The Ice King and Lexi become the best of friends. They do so much fun things together and they even start feeling a spark if love between them. The two officially become boyfriend and girlfriend. One day, Ice King goes out and captures Princess Bubblegum and when he does Alex comes over for a visit when she finds out he's captured her he thinks he's cheating on her and gets really mad. She calls in her wolves just as Finn and Jake go over to kick his butt. Then they both get beaten up.

One of them - Magic Man puts a curse on Alexandra to make her turn into a wolf just like her pack of friends. Finn and Jake go out to save her by tracking down Magic Man so they can whoop some sense into him but meanwhile they do that, Alexandra's body becomes smarter and stronger. She is now smart enough to think like an intelligent being and is more powerful than the wolves. She has the idea to fake call the wolves out so that when they come running for her, she attacks them and overpowers them and comes so close to dominating them. When Finn and Jake come back with a beat-up Magic Man. They force him to cough up the powers to turn her back into what she was before. She tries to tell them to stop but its too late. After she becomes herself again the wolves beat her way more senseless than she's ever been beat before. Magic Man explains how it was a plan all along and how he knew all that would happen. He just wanted to troll with them. They tried to make him give the werewolf powers back but he said no and took off.

Princesses Only - Alex Made a background cameo as one of the princess's who came to Princess Bubblegum's Party. She had no speaking roles and only appeared on screen for 2 seconds.

Magical Mind of Madness - Alex just had a mention in this episode. Magic Man was controlling Finn and Jake's Minds and on of the things he makes them do is think that they are Alexis. He snaps his fingers and they call the wolves and they attack them until Magic Man thinks its getting a little boring so he changes them back to normal again.

It's Over Now - Alexandra gets another butt load of physical abuse from the wolves, then she gets posessed by an evil space alien who wants to take over all of the planet earth. The alien gives her special powers and controls her mind and it goes on a destructive path of rage. The wolves come find her again later but she dominates them and the wolves become her slaves. The wolves don't even notice that her bodies being posessed and they take her to President Porpise so she can take over the world by overthrowing him. Then Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum destroy the evil alien revealing to the the wolves that she was only posessed and that was not really her. President Porpise gets back up on his own two feet again and takes over while Alex gets the beating of a lifetime by her dominating wolves.

ALX & CMO - Alex and CMO happen to come across each other in a very abused state and start dating each other because of them both always getting abused. Alex and CMO go on many dates together getting mistreated and beaten senseless by everything in their surroundings but neither of them care because they love each other so much that they are oblivious to all of it. The wolves are in a state of distress not being able to hurt her with her caring and decide to give up on it all and just result to respecting her and doing as she needs. On the other hand, CMO's disrespect multiplies because of his relationship with Alexandra and people start hating him more. On one of the dates they have in Alexandra's castle, CMO starts to realize this and doesn't like where it's going. CMO wants to get out of his relationship with her but he's already planned a permanent wedding for her that will happen the next day. CMO hasn't much time before he's stuck in this horrible life forever and needs to change it quick. Then, he is reminded of those alien things that Finn and Jake have. CMO gets them and uses them at their wedding. When the wedding starts, CMO busts out and calls in a league of alien troops to destroy Alexandra and win his respect back. Everyone is in shock of his evil plan and he gets more respect and everything is back to normal for Alexandra.


MK vs ATEdit

Alexandra is a playable character. She is the worst character to choose because she causes no damage to anyone in the game except for herself. She is simply just there as a practical joke and is not an actual character meant for a sophisticated gameplay.


Wolf Summon - Summons Wolves which attack her.


Casual - Casual Clothing (The Werewolf Princess, Call of the Wild, Sick Pack, The Coyotes, Ice Hate Everything, and One of them, It's Over Now, ALX & CMO)

Formal - Formal Clothing (The Werewolf Princess, Ice Hate Everything, One of them, Princesses Only, It's Over Now, ALX & CMO)

Alexander - The Genderswapped version of Alexandra

Posessed - Alexandra's appearance when she got posessed (It's Over Now)


  • She looks a lot like Marceline.
  • In the episode "Call of the Wild" Finn and Jake changed her call to a different animal, although it may have been changed back after because in future episodes she summons the wolves again.
  • The Genderswap of her is a boy named Alexander III who lives with a pack of wildcats. With a leader who is a golden furred wildcat named gold.

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