PTwo years after the bomb that killed Finn Jake.marceline and nearly eeveryone else Zane and pb are still together and pb is training to become a W.I.A. agent when Zane is put on the bomb case.


Two years after:it has been two years and its Zane twenty first birthday and Zane decides to pop the question on pb.

Nephew:when the zanes brother and his wife are killed Zane has to take care.of their unruly sixteen year old named brachuss.

Taken:pb has been taken by the ice king.but why is the ice king ice king again.

Moving in:after selling all of her stuff to the W.I.A. she moves into zanes small apartment. but she has a hard time gettibg use to her new life of normalcy and barely any luxuries.

Parents part one:zanes parents come to help with the wedding that's coming up in two months

Parents part two:after a week with zanes parents they learn that pb's parents are coming to help as well

Parents part three: pb and Zane have had no privacy for the last two weeks because if their parents.can they handle six more.

House hunting:using money from pb selling her stuff and Zane saving up for three years they go house hunting but aretacked by a few old enimie

Graduation:pb is finally a full-fledged agent.but when the ceremony is attacked pb has to protect the guests

First case:pb is given.her first is the bomb case.can she expels her sorrows.and repel.another attack

Finn?:when a twentyone year old Finn appears.for pbs hand she has to decide between finn or Zane. But when a demo. Appears will they survive

It's a trap:its pbs twenty first birthday and only a week till the big day.but a pearty that was planned by a stranger is a trap for the two agents.

The bigday:its the wedding but unfortunately the reception is pb Zane and a new recruit.called.Salazar have to protect the guests

Adventure time season five(dark kingdom hearts version) agents of ooo crossover: aits brachuss's birthday and one of his inventions pull Zane brachuss and pb back five years and when they can go back brachus is flirting with the ice princess and doesnt want to go back. Season finale

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