The adventure time backstory short is a four minute video showing of the Adventure time Vs regular saga. It has yet to actually been made but will in the future (once I get the software). As the camera slowly starts zooming in onto the USA from a 90 degree angle the narrator starts speaking:

Narator: "Long ago, on the united states. There was once peace on the land. But, a war broke out and a bomb was launched changing the U.S forever. Many years later, there was peace restored. Until. An evil force known as the Reg Dė'tat launched a missile across the land, containing a diesease that killed half of Ooo's population and the antagonists came to Ooo to destroy and invade. A prophocey fortold the coming of the Reg dètat and another war happening. Soon, rulers of kingdoms on Ooo started a military force entitled the A.U.M, Adventurers.United.Military, to repel the evil and bring peace and hope again. The A.U.M went through many challenges risking Ooo at stake. After a while,victorius, They return to normal lives but discover that the Reg dè'tat has resurrected and now try to invade the land of Aaa. Where every At characters gender swapped versions live. Both lands of Ooo and Aaa join together and once again defeat evil. And everyone goes back to there respectful lands. Triumphant, the A.U.M builds 2,500 robots to keep peace balanced, however, they discover to find out a newly life returned Reg dè'tat has made a new threat.Then...

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