This page is about the AT V.S RS saga timeline. This page is a timeline recording the main events in the saga, telling from the beganing to the end. The series has not ended yet.

  • 6/2/10-Princess bubblegum sends radio waves to space to get a signal from extraterrestrials
  • 5/10/11-The newly formed Reg Dè'tat receives radio waves from PB in a different universe and made plans for invasion
  • 5/20/11-The Reg Dè'tat complete and launch the disease cruise missile to the AT universe that landed on Ooo that killed many resisdents
  • 5/21/11-Meeting of Ooo royalty is called early due to investigation and find source of the cruise missile, causing conflict of extraterrestrials
  • 5/24/11-The entire Reg Dètat army goes through the same wormhole the cruise missile used to get to the AT universe
  • 5/25/11- invasion begins (a.k.a the great disturbance)
  • 5/27/11-Fire count, Ice king, Duke of nuts, Princess bubblegum, and the lumpy space king & queen start the A.U.M A.K.A Adventurers.United.Military
  • 6/1/11-A.U.M start their first mission
  • 6/15/11-The Reg Dè'tat start loseing the war
  • 6/20/11-First great dogfight of the war happens
  • 7/15/11-Reg D'état loses the war
  • 7/20/11 2:01pm-A.U.M goes thorough wormhole and launches six nuclear missiles on the regular show planet thus destroying the planet
  • 7/20/11 3:10 pm-The A.U.M returns home and the great celebration and one week of peace start. Every kingdom celebrated the two invents
  • 7/21/11 10:34pm-The Reg D'état members are resurrected and plot to invade the world again
  • 7/30/11-The Reg D'état now try to take over the land of Aaa but the A.U.M discovered this before it was to late
  • 8/1/11-The war starts again
  • 8/30/11-The A.U.M wins again and another great celebration and week of peace happens in both Ooo and Aaa
  • 9/29/11-The Reg Dè'tat ressurect again but all the members are turned into cyborgs,they then successfully invade Ooo while all A.U.M members are captured and place in special tanks full of a liquid were they all slept for six months and the Reg D'état reprogramed all of the A.U.M's 2,500 deadly giant robots evil so invading Ooo was easy.Ooo was then changed into a regular show world and plan on also taking the land of Aaa.
  • 3/20/12-The Order of Ooo found out about the invasion and many forces were sent to Ooo to find the A.U.M members, team up with the force and destroy the Reg Dè'tat once and for all
  • 3/25/12-the order of Ooo found the A.U.M members in there tanks and woke them up by breaking the tanks. Everyone in the A.U.M couldn't remember what happened before the capture due to being in the tanks for too long but slowly gain their memmories back before the return of the Reg D'état, they also try to discover how did the RD found out about the AT universe and Finn and Jake learn their true history before Ooo
  • 3/26/12-The order of Ooo and A.U.M team up and now start battling the Reg D'état

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  • This is the most awesome AT V.S rs series ever, as we all know, regular show is winning. Nothing will ever change it
  • Adventure Time will never beat Regular Show.
  • Regular Show is awesome too.
  • The Amazing World Of Gumball is pretty cool too.

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