Adventure time:1,tells the story of how Finn and Jake became Adventurers.

Chapter 1Edit

Finn and Jake had just moved from there parents home,it had been two day's sense there parents had died.Jermaine had left before that had happened,and was never seen again.Finn and Jake left to find a new home.They traveled through the Mountain Kingdom,and around a river.

Eventually they arrived at the grass lands and came upon a tree with several windows implanted in its canopy,there was a broken down shed attached to the tree as well as a two headed goose living by a well full of Gnomes.Finn walked in first,while Jake silently followed.

Finn-Man,should we really find a new house?

Jake-I'm not sure,bro.

Finn climbed up a latter that lead to a large room full of artifacts and near useless items,including,Stoves,chests,and pictures.Jake on accident,bumps into a blue square console,with the letters BMO painted on its side with a arm coming out of the O.After Jake bumped into it,the video game console began speaking.

Beemo-Hello,I am new world gaming console,select which videogame you would like to play.


Finn-What the?!

Chapter 2Edit

While Jake was playing video games on Beemo,Finn continued investigating the Tree fort.He found a attic,storage room,a wooden bridge,and a empty bedroom complete with a sheet and a ruined sheet,scribbled onto the wooden floor was a love insignia that had these two names, MARCY+ASH.Finn hadn't even noticed it due to how small and faint it was.

Finn-This fort's so awesome....

Finn walked back downstairs and began rearranging objects,while Finn was doing this,Jake saw a chubby women in a bikini on a picture located above the couch,Jake was disgusted and ripped the middle of the painting in two.

Jake-Hmm,wonder what else is down here...

Chapter 3Edit

Finn and Jake decided to make the Tree Fort there new home.

Finn-Yo, Jake!

Jake-Yeah man?

Finn-I'm gonna go out and investigate this kingdom I saw.Want to come?

Jake-Okay Dude,I'll come.

Finn and Jake traveled to the kingdom but before they could get inside,a peppermint candy man dressed as a butler ran in front of them while panicking.

Peppermint butler-Please!help our kingdom!Our princess has been kidnapped by the Ice King!

Finn-Who the math is he?

Jake-Finn,I think I know were he lives!

Chapter 4Edit

Finn and Jake both traveled to the Ice Kingdom.

Jake-Dude,I think I can see the Ice King,hes up there!

Finn-Lets get him!

Finn jumped at the Ice King,while Jake followed.

Ice King-What the?!!!!

They both beat up the Ice King while PB escaped.

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