The characters of adventure time, regular show, amazing world of gumball, my little pony friendship is magic, and Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo meet together and adventure together as never before

Chapter 1,"The ripple"Edit

On a peaceful Ooo day, Finn and jake venture into a mysterious temple where their dad leaves a video for them explaining that a secret passage leads them into the world of five leading to four other unknown worlds. Meanwhile, Mordacai and Rigby are trying to earn money for thier own house by working overtime for six weeks, they drink to much coffee that their very minds open a ripple to the world of five. Meanwhile again, gumball and Darwin are walking on a sidewalk and fall into a hole that leads into an abandoned mine and find a portal under a large boulder. Then, rainbow dash is trying to do another sonic rainboom but goes so fast and does four at the same time but a portal opens in front of her, curiousu, she gets her friends to help her find out what it was. Last, Bo Bo Bo and gang are ambushed by cyber soldiers. After a tough battle the soldiers are defeated, before falling one takes out a token and says "you weren't suppose to know about this but here." and dies. The token turns into a bright dome portal and then the scene shows the characters from the different worlds ready to enter at the same time.

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