Adventure Time With Finn And Arthur: A New Home For The Minimoys Is a fan-fiction story that is still under construction. It will be a crossover between Adventure time, and the Arthur and the Invisibles film trilogy that will feature Finn and Arthur, as well as the characters from both the show and the film series including, jake, the ice king, marceline, princess bubblegum, princess selenia, and betameche,and Max, as well as the gender bent characters fionna, cake, prince gumball, Marshall lee, and the ice queen. It will either be a feture length story or a series fanfic consisting of episodes


Arthur, Selenia, Betameche, and the rest of their Minimoy kind are desperate to find a new Life, until a mesterious stranger working for Prince Gumball and Princess Bubblegum offers them a chance to travel to a new world,and they accept his offer. With a Little help, They are all transported to the land of Ooo, as well as grown to human size, soon the three meet finn, jake, and the rest of their friends, and join them on their fun and crazy adventures.


  • TBA


  • Finn: Jeremy Shada
  • Jake: John DiMaggio
  • Princess Bubblegum: Isabel Acres
  • Prince Gumball: Neil Patrick Harris
  • Arthur: Fredie Highmore
  • Princess Selenia: Selina Gomez
  • Betameche: Jimmy Fallon
  • Marceline: Olivia Olson
  • Marshall Lee: Donald Glover
  • Max: Snoop Dog
  • Minimoy king: Robert Deniro
  • Ice King: Tom Kenny

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