The movie will be relessed on YouTube sometime in 2016 by the maker of the movie.


The Lich, Eddy's Brother, and Ice Queen plan to destroy The Land of Ooo, Peach Creek, and Danville as your favorite characters will join forces to stop them.


Part 1: Jimmy's DreamEdit

The movie starts with Jimmy, happily frolicking in his dream world, full of candy, sunshine, stuffed animals, free from trouble (and from the Eds) and where just about everyone loves him. During his stroll around the neighborhood, he soon finds Sarah and rushes too her to embrace her. However, his dream suddenly turns into a nightmare when alien spaceships begin to invade the cul-da-sac off of the face of the earth using giant robotic buzzsaws. The fissure made by the saws seperates Sarah and Jimmy from each other. Sarah is left on the cul-da-sac at the mercy of the aliens while Jimmy, still safe on terra firma, watches on. he tries to jump on the cul-da-sac, which is being pulled up to the sky by giant robotic claws, but fails and is left clutching onto an underground pipe as the cul-da-sac disappers from the face of the earth. He then loses his grip and fallls back to earth. Jimmy soon wakes up and the title comes up.

Part 2: Snow Day/ The MeteorEdit

Jimmy finds Sarah in the room, and explains about his nightmare. But, Sarah remains skeptical and tries to talk some sense into Jimmy, but Jimmy belives his dream is reality. Johnny is also convinced that aliens are among them after taking a visit to Rolf's House in order to find a Rutabega for the upcoming Sadie Hawkins dance. He tries to tell The Kids, Edd and Eddy that aliens are invading the cul-da-sac and have taken over Rolf's House, but The Kids, don't believe him and proceed to laugh. Johnny isn't discouraged, however. They also question the whereabouts of Ed and Edd shows them a note (a square of toilet paper) which he left on his door which reads "Help". When things couldn't get more bizarre, a green meteor is shot out of Rolf's Chimney and is sent flying to the playground, which causes a giant explosion of gas that sends the kids flying away. Kevin leads them to the playground, where the meteor landed.

Part 3: Stoping the "Alien"Edit

Upon observing it, they find a slimy hand sticking out and they, save Kevin, run and find a place to hide. Kevin takes a look agian and find the "egg" hatched and proceeds to hide as well. Eddy and Edd trie to run away but bump into a slimy figure which turns out to be Ed. He briefly tells them what he had endured at Rolf's House and collapses. Kevin decides that they are going to find the alien and eradicate it. He then becomes the leader of the kids and has them to join their "war". Edd voulenters to research Ed's science-fiction comics to find clues on how to deal with the alien.

Part 4: InvestagatingEdit

At Ed's house, Edd, after reading Ed's copy of "Innapropriate Pinchers from Beyond", he finds out that aliens are cabable of mind controlling, but before he can read more, he notices an eerie, mysterious sound which scares him, he runs out with some of Ed's comics to the Kids' secret hideout.

Part 5: Kevin the LeaderEdit

He shares the imformation he'd gotten to them and gives them all body and mind protected battle suits which will protect the kids from being mind controlled. Kevin has the Kids to arm themselves and move out. Before they can do that Eddy tells Kevin that he's got an idea.

Part 6: The Plan/ The El Mongo Stink BombEdit

The Eds plan a super weapon in Eddy's garage. It's called the El Mongo Stink Bomb. Eddy explains to his freind that his Older Brother taught him how to make it before he left. As they finish it, they try to get it out of the garage but it gets stuck. As they try to get it out, it suddenly explodes, exploding from the garage to all over Peach Creek and blowing a massive wave of stinky gas at everyones face's. The whole cul-da-sac is destroyed after the explosion.

Part 7: AftermathEdit

Part 8: The EscapeEdit

Part 9: Car ChaseEdit

Part 10: Before this all happend in the Land of Ooo Part 1Edit

Part 11: Before this all happend in the Land of Ooo Part 2Edit

Part 12: Going to DanvilleEdit

Part 13: Perry's DreamEdit

Part 14: Ice Queen's RevengeEdit

Part 15: Eddy's Brothers RevengeEdit

Part 16: In the 2nd DimensionEdit

Part 17: An old Secret is new agianEdit

Part 18: "It" came for us...Edit

Part 19: Meeting FionnaEdit

Part 20: Destruction of ParisEdit

Part 21: Destruction of Peach CreekEdit

Part 22: The Epic BatttleEdit

Part 23: Perry's DeadEdit

Part 24: The Lich's DeathEdit

Part 25: There's more than one Secret....Edit

Part 26: I hate you Bro/ Eddy's Brother's DeathEdit

Part 27: Ice Queen's DeathEdit

Part 28: Perry's Alive!Edit

Part 29: It's all over...Edit

Part 30: A decision is madeEdit

Part 31: In 2100...Edit

Part 32: End CreditsEdit


  • The footage of Ed Edd n Eddy used so far will be footage from the episodes The Ed's are Coming, One + One = Ed, Look into my Eds, Fool on the Ed, Take this Ed and Shove it in the final part, and Ed Edd n Eddy Big Picture Show.
  • The Phineas and Ferb footage will be just footage from the episode Phineas and Ferb Busted in part 14 and Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension.
  • The Adventure Time footage that will be used will be footage from the episodes Mortal Folly and Fionna and Cake.
  • The maker states that the movie will be like The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, and Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show
  • The 3 villans in this film are going to be The Lich, Ice Queen, and Eddy's Brother.
  • There is going to be a prequel to this in the same year.
  • A user from YouTube will do parts 1-21 and Crazyistmanever2alt will do parts 22-32.


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