A fanmade show.


Daisy is the main character, and she has a magical dragon named Magic. Daisy's best friend is Rin, and her enemy is the Earth Wizard, who tries to destroy things that Daisy likes. Daisy has a crush on Rob, and she is also friends with a girl named Saram. Oh and let's not forget Brandon and Frank, two more friends. There is also a pair of troublemakers named Jimmy and Timmy, and Daisy's cousin Lily. Like the snail, there is a Hidden Mahna Mahna in each episode.


  1. Protect the Memes: Earth Wizard tries to destroy memes.
  2. The Mysterious Girl: Daisy and Magic meet a mysterious girl.
  4. Saram My BFF: Magic and Daisy find a new friend.
  5. Daisy Goes Babysitting: Daisy babysits Jimmy and Timmy
  6. Earth Magic: More Earth Wizard.
  7. The Video Game is Frozen: Daisy and Rin's game freezes.
  8. Hatsune Miku: Saram is excited for a concert.
  9. Badass: Magic tries to help Daisy prove that girls are badass.
  10. Xtreme Stunt Time: STUNTS!
  11. Five Short Graybles: Daisy and Magic do an epic Hi-Five, Rin makes a sandwich for Rob, Earth Wizard smells bad, Saram enters a talent show, and Brandon talks to his reflection.
  12. Into the Unknown World: Daisy and Frank and Brandon go on an adventure.

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