Join me
Fionna and Cake meet Marshall Lee and help him feed for the night.


Fionna and Cake have just returned from an adventure, and are seen playing BMO on the couch, and BMO ask them how they like the new game, which is called "The Witch's Gauntlet" which they respond, "It's cool." BMO suddenly has a fatal shutdown, causing Fionna and Cake to be sad.

Marshall Lee then comes barging in, and spits on Cake. Cake's tail bushes up, and she hisses. Fionna glares at him and ask him what's wrong with him. Marshall responds, "You," causing Fionna to be confused.

Marshall then ask them if they wanna have a bet, and Fionna replies sure, Cake isn't so sure, but goes along with it anyways. Marshall tells them that they must help him feed, or he'll steal BMO. He even picks her up and shakes her, causing her to wake up. Marshall puts BMO in his bag, which is when Fionna says, "Nice outfit. And sure!" Marshall Lee is wearing a blue sweater-vest, with a light brown undershirt, and navy-blue shorts, and a cow-fur bag.Cake then tells Fionna that they shouldn't do it, but Fionna forces Cake to come along.

The scene goes to the candy kingdom, and they are seen looking in the window of Ms. Candy Cane sleeping. Marshall signals them to come over. He then says, "Cake, make sure she can't speak, and Fionna hold her down." Fionna ask if he's gonna suck her blood, but Marshall doesn't reply. He starts tto lower his fangs to her throat, and Fionna ask again, but he still doesn't reply. Marshall suddenly whispers, "Yessss..." And Fionna starts yelling, which causes Ms. Candy Cane to wake up. Marshall drinks the blood from one of her stripes, and leaves. Fi and Cake follow.

Fionna ask him why he said yes, and he replies that he wanted to scare them. It then goes to a montage to Marshall, Fionna, and Cake going to certain Candy People's houses, and Marshall drinking the red from them (Or their objects).

It then goes to Prince Gumball's room, with Fionna, Cake, and Marshall. Marshall is standing over PG, and bares his fangs. Fionna then says, "PG doesn't have any red on him." Marshall says that he's really gonna suck his blood. Fionna and Marshall then start to fight, causing PG to wake up. Fionna says, "I'LL KILL YOU!" and then Marshall starts to sing "Join me".

Fionna gets Marshall to go away, and give BMO back. PG thanks them, and hugs Fionna, causing her to blush, but she hugs him back. The episode ends there.


Major Characters:



Marshall Lee                  

Minor Characters:

Prince Gumball


Ms.  Candy Cane

Other Candy people


Join Me


This is the seconed time Marshall Lee has rapped.

Cake doesn't have many lines in this episode.


Fionna's hair sometimes was mirrored.

When Marshall says, "Wanna have a bet thingy?" he has no fangs.

Screenshots                                                                                                                          Edit

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