Adventure Time vs Cartoon Network is a anime cartoon to all that is a fan of Cartoon Network and Adventure Time.


10,000 years ago..

Xenoes ruled the land of Ooo, lead by the Adeptus Mecanicus. then 100 years later, they became extinct. A distinct hero named Leonard and his army of the A.U.T (Adventurer's United Team) to defend the land of Ooo from the horiffic cartoon characters from Cartoon Network.

A.U.T TeamEdit

  • Leonard - General
  • Finn - Leader
  • Jake - Sub Leader
  • Nicolyde - Gunner
  • Marceline - Sub Gunner
  • Ricky - Operative
  • Marty - Engineer
  • Richard - Medic
  • Princess Bubblegum - Missile Firer
  • Party Pat - Juggernaught
  • Silas - Juggernaught
  • Peppermint Butler - Maintenance Officer
  • Chet - Maintenance Officer
  • Milkshake Lad - Soldier
  • Lolipop Boy - Soldier
  • Ice Cream Guy - Soldier
  • Tom Z Shreder - Soldier
  • Ice King - Rookie
  • Death - Rookie

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