Basically, this this is like a table of contents for the series Adventure Time and Friends! created by your's truly (Tpyle) and MaidenofRock

List of EpisodesEdit

List of CharactersEdit

In the televised cartooned version, the producers have decided to mix a bunch of voice actors from diffrent networks into one giant all-star cast (mostly). These networks include, Cartoon, Disney, Nickelodeon, and that Canadian Cartoon Network that I can suddenly not remember.

My amazing friend Rachel (MaidenofRock) drew this

Tammin (OC) Voiced by Miranda Cosgrove

Suri (OC) Voiced by Linda Cardellini

Sora the Owl (OC) Voiced by Lady Gaga

Marshall Lee (Canon) Voiced by Nate Ruess (?) or Vic Mignogna

Marceline (Canon) Voiced by Olivia Olsen

Ice Queen and Ice King (Canon) Voiced by Grey DeLisle and Tom Kenny

PB and PG (Canon) Voiced by Hynden Walch and Neil Patrick Harris

Finn and Fionna (Canon) Voiced by Jeremy Shada and Madeleine Martin

Pop Star Princess (OC) Voiced by Jackie Buscarino

Punk Princess (OC) Voiced by Hayley Williams

Emo Prince (OC) Voiced by Drew Nelson

Emo Prince's brother, Nick (OC) Voiced by Noah Munck

Pop Star Princess's dad (OC) Voiced by George Takei

Awesome King (OC) Voiced by Jack Black

Kyle, the Merchant (OC) Voice by Kyle Massey

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