Adventure Time Wacky Races is an episode of Adventure Time that involves Finn and Jake, Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn, Ice King, Flame Princess, Jake Jr., BMO, LSP, Lemongrab and Lemongrab 2, Choose Goose, and Marceline all going up against each other in a race that is a parody on the Wacky Races.


10 racers who are Adventure Time characters face off in a wacky race from one side of the land of OOO to the other in order for them to win the a prize of one million dollars.


The episode begins with a narrator introducing the racers to the audience. First up comes racer #1 who is Finn riding on Jake as his vehicle. Next isracer #2 who is Princess Bubblegum riding on Lady Rainicorn as her vehicle. Next comes racer #3 who is Ice King who is riding in a car made out of ice. Next comes racer #4 who is Flame Princess who is riding in a car made of flaming rock. Next is racer #5 who is Jake Jr. who is riding in a rainbow trycicle. Up next it racer #6 who is BMO who is riding in a computerized tron motorcycle car. Racer #7 is up next and she is Lumpy Space Princess riding in her parent's car. Next is racer #8 who is Lemongrab and Lemongrab 2 riding in a charriot being pulled by the lemon camel and lemon pegasus. Racer #9 is Choose Goose who is riding in his stand which also doubles as a car. Finally comes racer #10, Marceline the vampire queen riding in a black spooky car. It is announced that these racers must start at the very edge of the land of OOO. They must first race across the grasslands of the land of OOO, then go to the Candy Kingdom, then the Ice Kingdom, then the Fire Kingdom, then across Rainicorn way, then through the MO factory, then go into a portal that takes them through a short trip through Lumpy Space, then the Lemon Kingdom, then the Renisance Kingdom, then through the Nightosphere, and finally, they will end the race all the way on the other side of the land of OOO. Once all the racers are announced they all take off in a race throughout the land of OOO. The racer to take the lead first is Flame Princess who is leaving behind a trail of fire keeping people behind her away from her. Then in second place are the Lemongrabs. Lemongrab squeezes lemonade out of Lemongrab 2's mouth and onto Flame Princess's trail of fire putting it out and hurtung her. The Lemongrabs start to take the lead but a very angered Flame Princess throws fireballs at them they manage to dodge the first few but the last one hits Lemongrab 2 and sends him flying out of his charriot where he lands on the ground and gets run over by all of the other racers having Jake Jr. on her tiny trycicle being the last. Lemongrab uses his sound sword on Flame Princess blowing all her fire away back before all of the other racers leaving himself in the lead. The racers enter the Candy Kingdom and then BMO who's in second place has an idea to use a manget on the Lemon Charriot to pull it back but when he uses it, he turns out to have the dial set to Cinnamon Bun istead attracting Cinnamon bun to his magnet. BMO puts him into a cannon and fires him away into the sky. Finn and Jake come running up to him and Jake uses his giant fist to punch him back and send him to the back of the race. Then it shows Choose Goose in his car and they have a quick interview with him about how he manages to use his stand as a car. He tells them that he has a set of buttons and presses one of the buttons on there to turn it into a car. He demonstrates a bunch of the other ones. One of the things is a magnet which the magnetic field has BMO's car within it which pulls Choose Goose back over to BMO while also running into Jake Jr.'s trycicle getting all three of them stuck together in last place. Finn and Jake get in front of Lemongrab by having Jake transform into a jet and have him fly up to the front of the race in front of him. Then Lemongrab has a freak out causing his animals to freak out too making them all spin out of control and off track where they crash into Lemongrab 2 who was running back after them trying to get back into the race. The next place they go to is the Ice Kingdom where Jake slips and falls into a hole. He grows wings and flies back up to the top where Lady Rainicorn accidentally pokes him in the eye sending him back down into the pit. Lady Rainicorn, terrified about her boyfriend being hurt, flew down there to save him hoping he would'nt die. Princess Bubblegum wanted to win and kept trying to force her back up but then Lady Rainicorn bucked her off and sent her falling down therev instead. Lady Rainicorn saved Finn and Jake and got them both into the race with her as one racer. A mixture between #1 and #2 would be racer #12 and thats what they changed to. The one in the lead now is Ice King who was best on this kind of land because it was ice just like he was. Then Flame Princess came raging back and she used her fire to melt all the ice in the ice kingdom away which also melted Ice King's car and she put herself in the lead. The place they went into next was the Fire Kingdom where some fire knights on their fire horses came up after Flame Princess trying to capture her and take her back to the Flame King so she had to start fighting them off while still driving. Back at the thing with BMO having Choose Goose and Jake Jr. stuck to him, he started shaking the magnet to get Choose Goose off of there but all he did was launch Jake Jr. ahead of them and into second place just behind Flame Princess who already preoccupied with the fire knights. Jake Jr. Stretched her hair out way ahead of her so that she could move herself ahead. BMO also shook Choose Goose off, but ahead of himself. Then Choose Goose transofrmed his magnet into a springy car and he started bouncing along ahead of all of the other racers. Then he bounced on Jake Jr.'s hair which sent him so high, that he crashed into a cloud where a cloud lady was in the shower. Then she screamed and stared hitting him with her scrub brush. Meanwhile, the racers are heading toward Rainicorn way where there are rainbows and rainicorns scattered everywhere. The flame knights got blocked out of there because they didn't have passports allowing them acess in there and Flame Princess was so happy that she finally got them off her back that she cheered shooting out fire all around her burning Jake Jr.'s hair and she went spinning into the back screaming. Princess Bubblegum is on top of one of them and when Lady Rainicorn comes by with Finn and Jake riding on her, she jumps down on her and takes her over shoving Finn and Jake off. They quickly got back into position as their own racer and got back into action. Then when she saw Flame Princess ahead of her who had fought off all of the flame knights, she started whipping Lady rainicorn and trying to make her go up ahead so she could get to her but Lady got mad and started fighting back. Then they both got themselves tangled up in a rainbow tree. The racers entered a canyon which started narrowing down and kept them all in a single file line. Lumpy Space Princess had the ability to fly over them all in her flying lumpy car, but when she did fly over them she ran into a fast flying rainicorn which sent her falling down onto the raods again where she got run over by all of the other racers. When they got out of the canyon, BMO took the lead and ironically at the same time they entered the MO factory. The MO's all started attacking everyone else because they were not MO's then Choose Goose came back in his car and made it transform into a MO. The other racers went up to his store and bought MO disguises from him which he had to give them because it was store policy. They started to enter a dark corridor which BMO went into first. BMO started doing some sort of computerized things on himself that made everything turn green and tron like around the tunnel and it all went dark again. The other racers came up and they all went into the portal to Lumpy Space and BMO was strangely missing. They all took off their BMO disguises and started driving. Then they started to notice that the background was repeating and that they seemed to not have been needing any kind of flying gear to travel through Lumpy Space. Flame Princess used her heat sence and found out that BMO had programmed a conveyor belt and a holographic projection inside of the corridor and that they were still in the MO factory. Choose Goose transformed his store into a hacking machine which he used to turn off the trap he set up so that they could all catch back up to him. Everyone entered the portal to Lumpy Space and put on flying gear but BMO was already too far ahead of them. Lumpy Space Princess returned and she opened another lumpy portal to make them exit Lumpy Space faster. Lumpy Space Princess took the lead. BMO was already in the Lemon Kingdom where the Lemongrabs returned and used their sound sword on him cracked his screen causing him to get out of the race. The other racers came up behind them and the Lemongrabs were in the lead. Jake Jr. stretched her hair to make a bunch of giant legs and she crawled on over eveyone elses cars and took the lead. The Ice King came back in an Ice Jet instead of a car and he froze Jake Jr.'s hair and she fell down into a pit full of a bunch of creepy Lemongrab creatures. Ice King was in the lead and the racers entered the Renisance Kingdom. Choose Goose transformed his car into a horse and sped ahead of the other racers. Jake morphed into the shape of a horse, Flame Princess used her fire to make into the shape of a horse. The Earls of Lemongrab got off the charroit and started riding the horses, Ice King used his ice powers to make his Ice Jet grow legs and a horse head which he used to go ahead of everyone, Jake started growing bigger and so did Flame Princess and the three of them all started competing for the biggest horse. Then when the Nightosphere portal came by, all the racers went into there and Finn, Jake, Ice King, and Flame Princess went right by it without noticing. They grew so huge that they went into outer space and lost contact with gravity on the planet earth. In the Nightosphere, it had all been narrowed down to Choose Goose in first place, The Lemongrabs in second place, Lumpy Space Princess in third place, and Marceline in fourth place. BMO came out of a flaming crack in the ground of the Nightosphere and he was all black. His screen was still cracked but then it turned on and it was white and had a terrifying face with black eyes and a black mouth that was drooling green. Then his eyes turned glowing red and he grew into a huge demon monster who got in the path of the other racers although all he wanted were the Lemongrabs which he took down with them. The other racers went back into the race again. Lumpy Space Princess started going faster and faster and faster so that she could get up ahead of Choose Goose before he got out of the Nightoshphere but she went so fast that she ripped through space time and went into another dimension. Choose Goose laughed at her but was'nt looking at the road when he was and then he fell down into the fire screaming and landing on the head of BMO who was about to kill the Earls of Lemongrab. Then the potions inside of Choose Goose's store pored all over BMO and it turned him back to his normal self again. Then they all got back into the race. BMO took the lead and Jake Jr. got back into the race. The Nightosphere police pulled over BMO because he was speeding. Then they went to go and look at his vehicle and they accidentally made it go by itself then BMO got mad at them and got on their motorcylce and went off after it. BMO caught up to them and turned on the police siren and everyone pulled over and he passed on by them. They noticed that it wasn't really the police and they all started to go back after him again except for the Lemongrabs who had exhausted out their lemon creatures. Lemongrab had an idea. That idea was for Lemongrab 2 to have to push the car with the lemon camel and lemon pegasus being on top of it. The racers all finally got out of the Nightosphere and the finish line was just up ahead. Just then all of the racers who had been removed from the race have all returned and everyone was neck and neck for the finish. All of a sudden, BMO's car came racing up ahead and Cinamon Bun started falling out of the sky back from space and landed in the car and crossed the finish line before anyone else being the winner. The other racers were so mad and they all blamed each other and got into a big dogpile of a fight. Then Cinamon bun won all the money and gold. THE END.


Major RolesEdit



Ice King

Princess Bubblegum

Lady Rainicorn

Flame Princess


Lumpy Space Princess


Choose Goose


Lemongrab 2

Jake Jr.

Cinamon Bun

Minor RolesEdit


Fire Knights

Nightosphere Police


Flame King (Mentioned)


Many of the racers and their cars are a parody on racers and cars from the Wacky Races. The car Marceline was driving was a reference to the creepy coupe. Lady Rainicorn was referencing to the Compact Pussycat. The Lemongrabs and the car they were driving was a reference to the Slag Brothers. The Ice King's car is a reference to the Mean Machine. Choose Goose's car was a reference to the Convert-A-Car.

When Gunther made an evil laugh that sounded like heavy breathing, this was a reference to Dick Dastardly's dog, Mutley and how his laugh was always like that.

When the narrator called Flame Princess "The beautiful Flame Princess" this was areference to Penelope Pitstop.

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