Throughout the run of Adventure Time, different themes have been used. The original theme song was an original arrangement sung by Pendleton Ward. However, in Season 3's "Conquest of Cuteness", a new theme was introduced. This theme uses the legendary theme to the long-running British sci-fi show, Doctor Who (with permission from BBC, of course). The new theme not only showed the mysterious aspect of the series, but also eliminated title cards, speeding up production for an episode.

Themes (and visual ideas)Edit

Special ThemesEdit

These are special and unused themes.

  • Finn & Fionna Promotional Theme: When the episode was first announced, this theme was released on Youtube by Cartoon Network. It did not make it to the final episode.
  • Fionna & Cake: Used to portray how unusual this episode is.

Spin-off & Crossover themesEdit