The new theme song for the episodes.


The opening title sequence starts with a view of a post-apocalyptic wasteland that features a rat inside of a broken television and several undetonated nuclear bombs.

Next, in a snow covered biome, shows penguins including Gunter and two other penguins hugging (with a tiny red heart floating above their heads) that make a few quick quacking sounds and a Snow Golem sitting on a grassy hill nearby. Then the rest of the Ice Kingdom appears including Ice King flying next to his lair, spinning around to face the screen while activating his Ice Powers with his hands.

It shows the Candy Kingdom and a large crowd of Candy People, and Tree Tunks, laughing and dancing in the middle of the road. After that, the camera quickly scales Princess Bubblegum's Castle, eventually passing the clouds to where we can see Princess Bubblegum as she smiles and waves while riding on the back of Lady Rainicorn.

The camera then pans to the right, and zooms into a mountain range showing Marceline playing her Axe-Bass while sitting outside of her cave. She turns and hisses at the audience while showing her pointy teeth.

Then outside of Finn and Jake's treehouse is the two-headed duck. The ending shows Finn and Jake's Tree Fort and then the two of them inside. BMO is seen sitting on a shelf. Finally, they pound their fists together and a loud smashing sound is heard as the theme song begins.

This entire ordeal occurs approximately within the span of 12 seconds. When the show's title is seen, Finn and Jake float up using feathered wings sticking out from their backs while holding a white piece of cloth that says with Finn and Jake. Then, they are seen going somewhere as the lyrics go "C'mon grab your friends," and then Jake winks when the lyrics come up describing the character you see several small clips of those characters. It then ends with Finn and Jake on top of the mountain as Adventure Time appears above their head and the show begins.


Adventure Time! C'mon grab your friends, We'll go to very distant lands. With Jake the Dog and Finn the Human, The fun will never end. It's Adventure Time!

Finn the human is a funny guy there's no adventure he wouldn't try mathematically kicking butt as he pals around with his faithful mutt

Jake the dog can change his face he's a macho man who can fly through space A lady's man but not forlorn with his korean girlfriend Rainicorn

Of all the princesses cross the land Bubblegum is there at hand When Finn and Jake are in a funk She helps them out with her science junk

Ice King is obsessed with her But his whole life is just a blur Simon was once his name But he forgot it's not his blame

Marceline is a vampire queen She's a thousand years old and really mean She plays a axe shaped bass guitar and traveled to Ooo from very far

Flame Princess is a very hot girl She's also Finn's big love pearl They though it could not work because she sometimes goes berserk

A powerful genie from a lamp Jason is often seen as a tramp Granting you his wishes But wants socks on his dishes

Ice Princess has a cold heart But that's just only one part Created by a crazy fool She always keeps her head cool

Elf Prince a cool young teen Always keep his acts clean But don't mistake him for soft He always speaks very scoffed

Lumpy Space Princess is lumpy Not to mention also stumpy Floating around in her space We never will forget her face

Adventure time, come on tell your friends We're going to very distant lands with Jake the Dog, Finn the Human, Peppermint Butler, The Lich, Waving Snail, Lady Raincorn, Tree Trunks, Billy, Wildberry Princess, Hunson Abadeer, BMO, Starchy, Death, Cinnamon Bun, Slime Princess, King Worm, Earl of Lemongrab, Gunter and so many more

Adventure Time!


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