Once an ancient evil was defeated by two great heroes. Those heroes were Finn and his friendly sidekick Jake. The battle they fought was tremendous, It would decide the fate of the world.The heroes prevailed and evil was defeated. But now that evil has returned....

Chapter 1: The LichEdit

The evil had survived by stealing a snail's body.Evil managed to escaped. That evil was the Lich. The Lich possessed another larger body that resembled his own.The Lich went back to his power well to discover his power source drained and his undead army deceased.The Lich knew a certain wizard he wanted to destroy before regaining his powers.

Chapter 2: Ice KingEdit

The Ice King was writing in his diary about how he was annoyed with Gunter .A large and strange figure watched him from the door entrance.

Ice King- Gunter? Is that you?

Ice King- Hey!Your not one of my penguins!

The Lich- (breaths softly)

When the Ice King noticed it was the Lich,he ran screaming out of the Ice Kingdom while trying to freeze the Lich.

Chapter 3: JakeEdit

Jake was digging near the Tree Fort when the Ice King approached.

Jake-The Ice King?

Ice King-Jake!


Ice King-Its the Lich he's back.

Jake- Last time I remember, me and Finn beat the Lich while you were holding PB Hostage.

Ice King-Oh yeah.Well I guess that thing I saw was just some big penguin.

Jake- Huh, just go talk to Finn. See what he says.

Chapter 4: FinnEdit

Finn was sitting on the couch in his tree fort while looking at a treasure map to a spooky forest. Ice King burst in and said hello to Finn. But before he could explain, The Lich burst through a wall and nearly caused the Tree Fort to collapse.


Ice King-Oh it's that big penguin I thought was the Lich

Finn-The what?

Ice King-The Lich.

Finn-He's ALIVE!?

Finn got his root sword while Jake got his axe.They prepared to strike the Lich while Beemo played some battle music from a video game.The Lich however glided away.

Chapter 5: The PlanEdit

Finn chased after the Lich while Jake,Ice King,and Beemo followed.

Finn-I have a plan ,but it involves Marceline and the Candy Kingdom.

Jake-Good enough plan for me!

The four of them stopped chasing the Lich and began to devise a plan.

Finn-Okay so we lure the Lich to the Candy Kingdom, I heard Marceline and L.S.P are having a party there.It might distract the Lich and while he's distracted we ambush him while Marceline uses her Axe Bass to crush the Lich's face against a wall and then Jake, you'll stretch your self to a giant and smash him until he and his spirit is stuck to your foot.

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