Advenure Time Song
Adventuretime cast main-1
Name Advenure Time Song
Artist BuritoMan Staff
Type Theme Song


Adventure time,

C'mon, grab your friends,

We will try to do our best in our lands,

The characters,

Are fierce battlers,

There are alot of them,

But lets give a try for 'em!


Finn the human,

Is a fierce man,

He loves adventuring,

With his best friend,

Who's a magic dog,

Until the end.

Marceline, is a vampire queen,

A top adventurer,

Really mean,

BMo, is a computer system,

If someone hurts Finn, he will try to kill them,

(If someone tries to hurt Finn, I will kill them.)


Once fell in a well,

The princess of the candies,

In science, she will come in handy.

LSP, is a chubby scene,

Lumping hot,

Just kidding, not.


Flame Princess,

Is blazing fire.

She's the pick from the three,

It's Finn's desire.

Lady Rainicorn,

Has a long horn,
Ice Princess

Making colors,

She and Jake has a new forlorn,

Ice King,

Is a jerky thing,

Ain't a lady's man,

Right Simon? Though he's doing all he caaaan.

Petrikov is his last name,

All though he is full of shame,


Is really smart.

Darren Carter almost teared him apart (Not).


Dont judge her,

In day, you can't see her, (HAH)

Make a wrong move,

You will get grooved,

By her dance moves!

Jason the genie,

Hates the greedy,

Things that doesnt excist, that's his fear,

He grants wishes and best of all, he has pointed ears!

Elf Prince,

Is cool ever since,

Though his relationships,

Keep on sinking like ships.

Last but not the least,

Is Ice Princess.

Ice King's daughter,

She hates chess!!!!

Adventure time,

C'mon grab your friends,

We'll go to many, distant lands,

With characters, all around of Ooo,

Led by Finn the hu-

Finn: Aww, what?


  • Finn and Jake saying "Aww, what?" Is a reference from Beyond This Earthly Realm.

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