Adventure Time Origins
Created by DarKingdomHearts
Developed by Leonard McLean 14
Written by BuritoMan


Leonard McLean 14


Directed by BuritoMan



Leonard McLean 14


Creative director(s) BuritoMan


Opening theme 7th Heaven Theme Song
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 42
Location(s) Land of Ooo (Before The Great Mushroom War)

Adventure Time Origins is a spin-off show of Adventure Time. The show revolves around the events before, during and right after the Great Mushroom War.

The show is separated in three seasons. Season one is about the events before the war, the second season takes place during the war and the third and last season are the aftermath of the war.


This is the list of all the main characters in Adventure Time Origins. A main is someone who plays a main role in the season. A recurring character appears a few times in the season but still makes much impact on the story or is someone that appeared very short or only is mentioned.


Season OneEdit

Title card Title Viewers
(in millions)
Prod. code Airdate
My Princess
Simon meets Betty and falls in love with her and proposes.
The Hologram
Leonard, as human, turned into a holographic being during his holiday.
The Golden Lamp
Jason, still a young genie, gets his first lamp. But he has to do something for it.
Trip to the North
Simon and Betty go on a trip to the Northpole.
Demon Girl
Marceline runs away from her father to seek her mother.
The King
Marceline resides at the Vampire King.
Fabian and Inngrid
Fabian meets Inngrid and they begin a relation ending up in a preposal.
The Poor Peasant
Jason's lamp gets found by Jack who gets three wishes.
The Crown
Simon is in northern scandinavia and buys a crown he saw earlier at the Nortpole.
Marriage of the Lovers
Fabian and Inngrid get married and go honeymoon trip through Europe.
Marceline gets kicked out by the Vampire King and is left alone on the streets.
The Little Hero
During the honeymoon Fabian and Inngrid give birth to Finn.
The War Begins
The war begins and now it's everyone for themselves.

Season TwoEdit

Title card Title Viewers
(in millions)
Prod. code Airdate
Nuclear War
The war has begun and the mains try to seek a shelter.
Leonard must rescue his family before Darren steals their souls.
Demonicon Is Done
Fabian and Inngrid lock up King Demonicon is space.
Vampire Nights
Marceline finds Marceline's mother and returns to Hunson, just time for Marsha's birth.
The Killing Floor
Leonard encounters Darren once again.
King Jack
King Jack has taken lead over the half-destroyed world and wants to make his last wish.
The Earth Kingdom
Fabian, Inngrid and Finn see the mutation in the world and want to stop King Jack.
Wandering Genie
Jason's lamp gets founded by several humans and he starts to act like a real genie.
Ice Cold Love
The crown almost had taken over Simon, so much he doesn't remember Betty how hard she tries.
Red Water
Fabian, Inngrid and Finn make their way to King Jack but have to go through may obstacles.
Escape to the Nightophere
Hunson, Marceline's Mom, Marceline, and Marsha try to escape but Marceline and Rose Abadeer fail in doing so.
Lost My Mind
Simon remembers nothing and goes to his study to regain them and finds out things from his study.
The Meteor
Fabian and Inngrid face King Jack who is planning to exterminate all of humanity.

Season ThreeEdit

Title card Title Viewers
(in millions)
Prod. code Airdate
Wreckage of the World
Marceline and Simon both wander around on Earth and meet each other.
Enchridion's Prison
The Lich is trapped in the Enchiridion and learns about it's fabrics.
Am I Alone?
Betty wanders through the wreckage and finds Jason's lamp.
Days of the Lich
The Lich finds his way out of the Enchiridion and tries to find Finn.
Goodbye Marceline
Simon and Marceline finally arrived at the portal to the Nightosphere and have to say goodbye.
Leonard creates the Energy Katana.
New Life as Hologram
Leonard finds a wooden hut and starts a new life as a hologram. |- style="text-align: center; background: #f2f2f2"
The Widow and the Confused
Simon and Betty encounter each other again and Betty notices Simon isn't who he used to be.
Lich's Reign
Billy wants to follow Fabian and Inngrid and defeat the Lich.
Billy vs The Lich
Billy faces the Lich in an intense battle.
Father Problems
Marceline reunites with Marsha but immediately has trouble with her father because of their mother's loss.
Ice King is Born
Ice King searches for his princess after Betty died but ends up finding Fabian's stuff.
Who Dates the Genie?
Marceline meets Jason and they start dating.
Abraham Lincoln
bonus episode: How did Abe get his immortality?
Finn is unfrozen from his frozen years and get's taken in by Joshua and Margeret.

Season 4Edit


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