In this action packed, and sometimes heart-warming film tells the story of a young human named Finn. Finn dreams of going on the adventure of a lifetime. In the beginning, Finn lived in what was Philadelphia with his mom and Jake, his dog. After the Great Mushroom War, Finnfinds himself in a mysteious new land called Ooo. They eventually meet Princess Bubblegum, and her wonderful kingdom.In order to win her heart, Finn and Jake embark on a heroic journey through Ooo in search of a cure to a deadly disease that haunts the land.Along the way, they meet a wide range of strange characters, including Marceline and Marsha, to undead dames who are up for adventure and never run from a fight. Plus, they meet a lonely wizard called the Ice King bent on finding a wife. However, Finn and Jake’s world is turned upside down when Finn accidentally releases the evil Lich, plunging Ooo into the middle of an undead war between the Lich and Marsha and Marceline’s father, the Lord of Evil. Now it’s up to Finn and his friends to search deep inside themselves to be true heroes.(as holding on to a hero plays) Can Finn help himself and his friends overcome their worst fears in order for them and him to save their true loves of their lives, and truely understand what it means to be a heroes at all costs? This summer, How can Finn and Jake save the Land of Ooo If they can’t save them and their friends?




Finn: Jeremy Shada

Voice of Jake: John DiMaggio

Princess Bubblegum: Emma Watson

Marceline: Vanessa Hugens

Voice of LSP: Pen Ward

Ice King: Robin Williams

Hunson Abadeer: Ralph Fiennes

The Lich: Nicholas Cage

Ash: Tom Felton

Marshall Lee: Drake Bell

Prince Gumball: Patric Neil Harris

Magic Man: Crisper Glover

Marsha: Mathison Chicetawn

Flame Princess: Miranda Consgrove

Ice Princess: Jennette McCurdy

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