Adventure Time Christmas Special
Name Adventure Time Christmas Special
Artist BuritoMan Staff
Played in "Commercial"


On the Adventure Time Christmas Special,

Burito sent to me,

Twelve Jake's a stretching,

Eleven Rainicorn's soaring,

Ten BMO's chopping,

Nine Marcy's jamming,

Eight Icey's crying,

Seven Elf Prince's dating,

Six Marsha's dancing,

Five I-ice Kings!!!

Four pouting lumps,

Three bubblegums,

Two best chums,

And some guy, wearing a bear hat.


Lyrics Version TwoEdit

On the Adventure Time Christmas Special

Burito sent to me,

Twelve, Shelby's squirming

Eleven, Cubers pauseviewing

Ten, Tree Trunks baking

Nine, Jam Jam's screaming

Eight Fionna's blushing

Seven Flame Princess' burning

Six Lich's laughing

Five, Flaaame Kings!

Four Leonards

Three Crystal Shards

Two Billy farts

And Cosmic Owl, in the jacuzzi!!


Version 3Edit

On the Adventure Time Special

Burito sent to me.

Twelve, Genies screaming

Eleven, Gunter's wenking

Ten, Flambo's spitting

Nine, Prismos talking

Eight, Lighty zapping

Seven, Rainicorns contracting

Six, Mermaids splashing

Five, shiny thiiiings!

Four Magic Mans

Three Fight King's plans

Two Pancake chants

And a bagel, with a baby body!!!


Version 4Edit

On the Adventure Time Christmas Special

Burito sent to me.

Twelve, guns are shooting

Eleven, Ricky's dancing

Ten, Jake's are eating

Nine, Gunther's calling

Eight, Babies dancing

Seven, Ranger's kicking

Six, Santa's counting

Five, Skateboard Parks!

Four Leonards

Three French Men

Two Scorpions

And a missile, on top of a tree!

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