"Adventure Time BuritoMan 2: Revenge"
Season {{{season}}}, Episode Movie
Director: Jico Vinco
Story: 06civic68pa
Written &
storyboarded by:
BuritoMan, DarKingdomHearts, 06civic68pa
"Adventure Time BuritoMan: The Origin"
The Origin 2 is the second movie by BuritoMan, and DarKingdomHearts together.It is also the first movie with the help of 06civic68pa It is a 2 hour movie special.


The legendary villainreturns with a little help, so.Finn, The Lich, and the gender-swaps unite to defeat them.


The movie begins in Marceline's cave. Marceline and marsha are playing Chess. Out of nowhere, a mysterious figure (The Dark Princess) attacks both of them. They nearly escape (with tons of wounds). Next, Princess Bubblegum and Gabriella Bubblegum are doing an experiment, another mysteious figure apperars (Ricarrdio) they try to attack the shadowy figure by force, but also escape with multiple wounds. Finally, Marshall Lee and Marsh are playing Card Wars. A third figure (Dark Prince) appearsand tries to attack them. They escaped, but come out with multiple wounds.

The screen is spliced to Marshall Lee and Marsh, PB and GB, Marceline and Marsha are rushing towards Finn and Jake. Outside, Finn and Jake are feeding the two headed duck, but Finn sees the rushing allies. Finn and Jake ask why they are here. Since there was more people there than what was shown, they said their reasons at one time. All confused, they asked each other what is happening. Finn and Jake told them to calm down and promised that they will get to the bottom of it.

finn and jake ask Marsh what did the creature look like. Marsha said that he did not see the character, since it happened all too fast. Jake asked what did it sound like. Leonard responded that it was a manly voice. Finn says that its time for Marceline and Marsha. Finn asks the two on how did it look like. They said that it was the Dark Princess, their arch nemesis.


  • Some of Marsha's lines are quotes from outside the show or quotes already said.
  • It is revealed that Marceline is allergic to eggs.


  • Finn- Jeremy shada
  • Jake- johnDiMaggio
  • Ice Princess - Miranda Cosgrove
  • Ice King and Starchy - Tom Kenny
  • Fionna - Madeleine Martin
  • Cake - Roz Ryan
  • Ice Prince - Drake Bell
    • Jacey - Taylor Swift
    • Jason - Russel Berger
    • Hunson Abadeer - Martin Olson
    • Marceline and Marsha - Olivia Olson
    • Grob Gob Glob Grod - Melissa Vellasinor (Grob), Russel Berger (Gob), Drake Bell (Glob), Tom Kenny (Grod)
    • Gunter - Nathan Lane
    • Prince Gumball - Neil Patrick Harris
    • Ice Queen - Grey DeLisle
    • Loyd and Jacy - John DiMaggio
    • PB - Hyden Walch
    • Jade and Lady Rainicorn, and BMO - Niki Yang
    • Leonard McLean - Daniel Southworth
    • Male Tree Trunks and Pig - Ron Lynch
    • Tree Trunks - Polly Lou Livingson
    • Marshal Lee and Marsh- Nathan Kress
    • Flame Princess - Jessia DiCicco

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