Adventure Time BuritoMan is an Adventure Time Series by BuritoMan. People can help, but DONT screw it up. Ok? OK!


Main CharactersEdit

  • Finn The Human

Finn is an adventure-loving boy who's best pal is a magical dog. He lives in the Grasslands, and he loves saying quotes like "Algebraic!" He wears a bear like hat that couvers his long, blonde hair (which was cut off, but it grows frm time to time) He was the last human on Earth. He was found by Joshua and Margaret, when they saw that he made boom-boom on a leaf.

  • Jake The Dog

Jake is Finn's best pal and adoptive brother. He loves the viola, which makes him a perfect match for Lady Rainicorn. That leads to birth. Jake was first an ordinary dog, until he got strechy magical powers.

  • Ice "Simon" King Petrikov

Ice King was first an ordinary human, until he found a crown, put it in, an became a lunatic. He loves princesses.

  • Princess "Bonnibel" Bubblegum

Princess Bubblegum is a great scientist. She was the former-crush of Finn, which he lost interest in. PB began to date Elf Prince, then got married, then divorced. Their relationship is mixed up.

  • Marceline "The Vampire Queen" Abadeer

Marceline is a rocker girl who loves pranking. She doesnt drink blood, together with Marsha, but instead eats shades of red.

  • Marsha "The Vampire Princes" Abadeer

Marsha is Marceline's little sister. She has lived in the Nightosphere for most of her life and often desires to be more free than what she has currently. 

  • BMO

BMO is not just Finn and Jake's roomate, but also a gaming system!

  • Lumpy Space Princess

LSP is a lumping hot girl (not really) who ran away from her parents, and found Finn and Jake.

  • Leonard McLean

Leonard is a hologram who lives in a computer world known as the Hologram Kingdom.

Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Elf Prince

Elf Prince was PB's husband until they got divorced.

  • Lightning Princess

Lightning Princess is bery shy and has a secret crush on Finn.

  • The Lich

The Lich is an evil sorcerer who wants to destroy living things.

  • Billy The Warrior

Billy is Finn and Jake's idol and is the best warrior ever!

  • Ice Princess

Ice Princess is the daughter of Ice King, and became friends with Finn, and Jake.

  • Flame Princess

FP is Finn's current love interest.

  • Hunson Abadeer

Hunson Abadeer is Marceline and Marsha's soul sucking father.

  • Tree Trunks

Tree Trunks is a sweet little elephant and is best known for her apple pies.

  • Mr. Pig

Mr. Pig is Tree Trunks love interest.

  • Lazy Bones

Lazy Bones is one of the best friends of Finn and Jake, and the creation of Marceline.

  • King Demonicon

King Demonicon is an evil wizard who was sealed by Fabian and Inngrid.

  • Fabian and Inngrid Petrikov

Fabian and Inngrid are Finn's parents.

  • Flame King

Flame KIng is FP's father.

  • Earl of Lemongrab

He is the first experiments of PB gone wrong.

  • Simon Riley

Simon Riley is a member of the millitary. He is friends with Leonard.

  • Mermaid Princess

Mermaid Princess is the ruler of Antlantis Kingdom and is Finn and Jake's trusty sea guardian.

  • The Waving Snail

The Waving Snail is a character that appears every episode.


  • Fionna The Human

Fionna is Finn's gender-swap and his younger twin sister.

  • Cake The Cat

Of Jake

  • Prince Gumball

Of PB. He is also Marsha's boyfriend.

  • Marshal Lee

Of Marceline

  • Leona

Of Leonard

  • Prince Bolt

Of Lightning Princess

  • Marsh

Of Marsha. He is also Princess Bubblegum's current boyfriend.

  • Lumpy Space Prince

Of LSPrincess

  • Ice Prince

Of Ice Princess

  • Lady Of Evil

Of Hunson Abadeer

  • Flame Prince

Of Flame Princess

  • Canella Bun

Of Cinnabun Bun

  • Ice Queen

Of Ice King

  • Elf Princess

Of Elf Prince

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