Adventure Time : With Comet and Flambis is a spin-off to the oringinal one.


  • Comet : The human boy who is best friends with his fire person Flambis. He is a wizard who can turn into a vampire when putting the Vamp Stone on his dog-like hat
  • Flambi: A flambo-like thing with Strechy Powers.
  • Pis : A talking Pikachu who lives in Comet's house
  • Finn: You know who he his
  • Jake: The yellow dog.
  • Fionna
  • Princess Bubblegum (18)
  • Flame Princess
  • Engagement Ring Princess
  • Ice King
  • Beemo


Season 1Edit

  1. Stolen Princesses
  2. Heroes of Ooo
  3. Marceline's Past

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