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|Box title = Adventure Time: The Video Game |Row 1 title = Published |Row 1 info = Cartoon Network |Row 2 title = Developed |Row 2 info = Tt fusion |Row 3 title = Year: |Row 3 info = USA: July 26, 2012 Canada: August 6, 2011. |Row 4 title = Genre |Row 4 info = Adventure, Platformer. |Row 5 title = Mode(s) |Row 5 info = Single Player, Multiplayer |Row 6 title = Rating |Row 6 info = ESRB: E +10 (Everyone 10 and Up) |Row 7 title = Platform(s) |Row 7 info = Wii

Adventure Time: The Video Game for the Wii It has Single Player, and Multiplayer Modes.


While Finn and Jake were sleeping, the Lich then casted a memory spell to put them in their memories. To stop the Lich, Finn and Jake must get to their memory core to get to the memory when they stopped the Lich, so they can kill him for good.


Memory 1: Save Princess Bubblegum! (Adventure Time -7 minute short-)

Part 1: Grass Land

Part 2: Ice Kingdom

BOSS: Ice King

Memory 2: Rescue For The Princess Plant (Death in Bloom)

Part 1: Fall To Land Of Death

Part 2: Land of Death

Part 3: Death's Garden

BOSS: Death

Memory 3: Into The Game (Guardians of Sunshine)

Part 1: Bouncy Bee

Part 2: Honey Bunny

BOSS: Sleepy Sam

'Memory 4: Dungeon of The Crystal Eye (Dungeon)'

Part 1: Dungeon Floor One /Mid Boss: Demon Cat

Part 2: Dungeon Floor Two

Part 3: Dungeon Floor Three /Mid Boss: Bucket Knight

Part 4: Dungeon Floor Four /Mid Boss: Demon Cat's Revenge

Part 5: Dungeon Floor Five /Mid Boss: Guardian Angel

BOSS: Crystal Eye

Memory 5: Kicked Out (Evicted!)

Part 1: House Hunting

Part 2: Marceline's Cave

BOSS: Marceline

Memory 6: Bloody Requiem (Henchman)

Part 1: Cathedral

Part 2: Leonard's Citadel

BOSS: Marceline (Mid Boss) Leonard (Final Boss)

Memory 7: City of Thieves (Same Name)

Part 1: Start of City

Part 2: Flower Basket Hunt

Part 3: King of Thieves's Tower

BOSS: Penny

Memory 8: Hot Dog Knight Rescue (The Limit)

Part 1: Labyrinth 1 /Mid Boss: Golem

Part 2: Labyrinth 2

Part 3: Labyrinth 3

BOSS: Guard of The Wishes

Memory 9: Whodunit? (Mystery Train)

Part 1: Catching Clues

Part 2: Chasing The Conductor

BOSS: Conductor

Memory 10: FINAL MEMORY PART 1 (Mortal Folly)

Part 1: Candy Kingdom Outgrounds /Mid Boss: Ice King

Part 2: Iceburg Lake

Part 3: Well of Power

BOSS: The Lich

Memory 11: FINAL MEMORY PART 2 (Mortal Recoil)

FINAL BOSS: Possesed Princess Bubblegum

Bonus Level: Rescue Prince Gumball! (Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake)

BOSS: Ice Queen

Multiplayer ModeEdit

In Multiplayer Mode, you can play minigames and race in courses. You can be Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Ice King, Marceline, or Lumpy Space Princess. You can also change their colors, with PB, on the other half of colors, you can be 13 Year Old PB. (Unlocked when you beat the Final Memory Part 2.) Leonard is a glitch character, so to play as him, complete all levels, One player must go Finn and the other as Marceline, both have to win 1 round each and go Finn, press start and that's how you play as him.


Treasure Find

Arena Battle

Adventure Tag