The movie logo for the release

Adventure Time is a released movie that will come out it 2013 Feb.


Blake Smith-Finn the Human

John DiMaggio-Jake's voice actor

Sierra McComick-Fionna

Roz Ryan-Cake's voice actor

Tom Kenny-the Lich

Tom Kenny-Ice King's voice actor

Debby Ryan-Princess Bubble

Jake Short-Finn the Human counterpart

I'm not gonna waste mine and your time looking up names these are the characters write who ever you think should voice or act these characters ONLY THIS UNDER THE TEXT.

Flame Princess

Prince Gumball

Ice Queen

Flame King


This story takes place as though a different thing where Finn and Fionna are the only humans in middle school

Finn is in North American

Fionna is in Austraila

The outfits are regular today outfits until the good part starts in the movie but they dont have the hat.

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