Normal Finn


Finn was with Jake, walking through a forest, filled with trees and leaves. When they heard a scream. "Jake, did you hear that?" Finn asked, looking at the cave ahead. "Yeah dude, do you think there's something wrong?" Jake asked, looking at Finn "I don't know, let's go check it out." Finn said, walking into the cave. "Finn, I'm scared..." Jake said, hiding behind Finn. "Dude, it's ok, it's just a cave." Finn said, getting Jake off his back. In the shadows they saw a boy with spickiy hair. "Ok dude! Now I'm really scared!" Jake said "Calm down!" Finn said, taking out his sword Fin
n hit the sword against the boy, but something was blocking it. "Hey are you Riku?" The boy asked "Riku?" Finn replied "No, I'm Finn." The boy got his blade of of Finn's sword "Oh well, I'm Sora, what is this world?" The boy asked "This is... Earth." Finn said, putting his sword back "Earth, eh?" Sora said "Do 'ya think you could give me a tour?" "Sure." replied Finn, walking toward the outside of the cave "By the way, what was that scream?" Sora sighed "I don't know, just give me the tour." Sora and Finn started walking when they got to OOO, they looked around, wh
en they saw Heartless "How did they get here, they follow me everywhere!" Sora screamed, hitting them with his keyblade. "Wait a sec, where is Jake!" Finn screamed, when they saw a man, it was Ansem... "Sora... Finn... I am Ice Ansem!" Ansem said, making his dark blade.

"Ice Ansem?" Sora said, waving his sword "How did that happen." Ansem laughed "An idiot named the Ice King." He said, holding his hand towards Sora, then in a blink of an eye, Sora was frozen "You have 48 hours to find me the Ultima Sword, and the Ultra Darkness."

"What!? This is happening so fast!" Finn said, holding out his sword "How 'bout I kill you right now!"

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