Adventure Time: The Best of Finn, Jake, Marceline, Marsha, and Everybody!!! is a dvd collection full of the best episodes (sorted by character) from the whole Adventure Time series (the real one). The box set was released in January 4th, 2013. All episodes are ordered by character. The collection contains 26 episodes for Finn/Fionna, 26 episodes for jake/Cake, 26 episodes for marceline/Marshall Lee, 24 episodes for Marsha/Marsh, and 24 episodes for everyone else. There are 10 episodes in each disc. There are ten discs in the dvd box set in all. 2 episodes are released as bonus episodes on Disc 10.


Disc 1Edit

  • Evicted
  • Ocean of Fear
  • The Enchiridion!
  • Memories of Boom Boom Mountain
  • Mortal folly/Mortal Recoil
  • Adventure time with Fionna and Cake
  • Finn & Fionna
  • Finn and Jake Meet Fionna and Cake
  • Prisoners of Love
  • Freak City

Disc 2Edit

  • Slumber Party Panic
  • The Jiggler
  • Trouble in Lumpy Space
  • What is Life?

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