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These are all of the missions from Adventure Time: Squadron Aces.


Mission 0: TrainingEdit

This optional training mission guides you through the basics of flying an F-35. It also familiarizes you with the pilots of Shadow, Freedom & Liberty Squadron.


  • Learn all of the basic manouvers.
  • Learn how to fire your weapons.
  • Learn some of the more advanced manouvers.
  • Learn how to control your speed.
  • Meet The Pilots.
  • Destroy the training drones.

Playable pilotsEdit

  • Finn

Mission 1: Spies Among UsEdit

In the first mission, Stalker Squadron is scrambled to intercept an enemy spy plane.


  • Locate & shoot down the enemy spy plane.

Playable pilotsEdit

  • Finn
  • Fionna

Mission 2: Bombers Not WelcomeEdit

An enemy bomber squadron is detected over the early warning line. Freedom Squadron is scrambled to intercept the bombers before they can carpet bomb an oil refinery near New Benicia.


  • Intercept the bombers before they can drop their payload.

Playable PilotsEdit

  • Lucas Groundrunner

Mission 3: DogfightingEdit

The Nut Kingdom has scrambled MiG-25's from Chestnut Air Force Base to shoot down Air Force One (Princess Bubblegum's 747). Stalker Squadron is acting as escort.


  • Defend Air Force One.

Playable pilotsEdit

  • Finn
  • Fionna
  • Jake
  • Marceline

Mission 4: Princess PowerEdit

After nearly being killed during the previous mission, PB decides to join Stalker Squadron. Perfect timing, too, as a fleet of battleships closes in on New San Francisco.


  • Sink the enemy fleet.
  • Thundercat 1 (Cake) will assist as necassary.

Playable pilotsEdit

  • Finn
  • Princess Bubblegum

Mission 5: Destruction & DespairEdit

Taking place during the fourth season episode "Destruction & Despair", Liberty Squadron is called in to drive away Godzilla.


  • Drive away Godzilla. DO NOT KILL HIM! Even Godzilla has feelings!

Playable pilotsEdit

  • Liberty Squadron Pilot (no pilot in particular; they're all clones, anyway)


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