this is a crossover between adventure time and predators.This story takes place on all AT episode.Rebellion staff team joined forces with AT staff team


theres few bizzare murder cases in the land of ooo and the killer turn out to be an alien hunter called predator.


the intro started in deep space as a mysterious ship were heading towards earth. The scene were quickly changes to candy kingdom 3 weeks later as PB recived many letters all of ooo about a murder cases. PB immediatly call finn and jake to in investigate the murder cases

Finn and jake was walking towards their destination when the see a girl and a cat were fighting a grasshopper monster. When they were going to see them, Finn and jake were shocked that girl and the cat turned out to be fionna and cake from ice king fanfiction. Fionna were first to ask saying" who are you?" and finn say"im finn and this is jake. Finn told fionna that he and jake were order to investiagate and bring the report back to PB. Fionna and cake helping them too for their cases.

Finn and other arrived and immediatly shocked on what they saw, the bodys were skined and jake says he suddenly lost his appetite for lunch. Fionna were asking one of the village fighter name bert( voiced by louis ozawa changchien) who survied the attack, he told that they were fighting an creature from not of this world he aslo describe that the creature use a technology that is soo advance untill it kill all of his best warrior.

Upon thier reports on all the village the result are the same. PB in the meantime when heard this reports she was really angry and decide to send his candy elite army to guard all of ooo at the same time she also manage to contact flame princess that she need to be carefull on her way.

At the candy kingdom PB was really have a hard time to belived that the fanfiction character created by ice king were actually real. Fionna also explain that ice queen and king were put prince gumball in the ice prison as well. meanwhile, marceline meet marshall lee and they were both discussing about their each other lifes, unknown to them that something is watching them both using a termal vison, but it quickly lost interest on both of them. the scene quickly change to ice kingdom where ice king and queen were thinking their plan to destroy finn and fionna when suddenly two predator attack the place and destroy everything. Ice king attack them but the creature kick him causing him to collide with unprepared ice queen. The predator quickly lost interest on them as he is now looking at prince gumball, immediatly both preadator left. When finn and fionna arrived they were shocked that this place were a total mess and they immediatly rescue gumball and take ice king and queen.\

Gumball told them about what he saw and immediatly he say that the killer is an alien. PB was shocked what she heard and immediatly contact few of her men to be on high alert. PB want to lure the creature, she discover that this were in teresting on worthy prey. on the next day few candy soldier were hiding in the forest so they can lure out the creature. The predator took the bait when he discover that the kight were actually a dummy and immediatly a strong steel cage traps it. At candy kingdom PB was speechless on what she saw, she told the candy captain that to poision the creature but before he can do that another blast hits a nearby candy jeep and stands there were another two predator. The candy soldier and banana guard immediatly attack both of them but they all been defeat quickly by its skilled. PB send and elite troops to kill but also they were defeat, two predator release thier partner but before the hunter could leave PB shoots a tracking bug on predator backs so they can pin point its location.

After long search they finally sees a ship. fionna,finn,cake,jake,PG and PB with the ice king and queen sees another hunter tied up at the large trees with several other weird creatures. Fionna was about to touch the predator but the wokes up and roared at her. she to him that they wanted to help him, and the hunter thanks her and finn. PB was asking one of the alien that looks like ant. to her shocked the creature spoke with her with an perfect english saying" they were at war, this hunter was been capture by the rival tribe and rival hunter plans to use this planet as a new hunting ground.

The jungle hunter spoke to them in perfect good english saying that the rival were knowns as super predators,he aslo told that they were planing to destroy the candy kingdom. Before cake could say anything the super predator arrive and looked the prisoner has escape. fionna was about to fight the super predator leader but the jungle hunter push her away indicating he have a score to settle but fionna refused instead she told the hunter that we work together to slain the hunter.

The battle was intense as the alien prisoner manage to weaken out two of the hunter using PB serum, immediatly finn kill one of the hunter the another one retaliate and about to kill finn and launch his wrist blade but PB push him away and she was been stab in the gut, when finn saw this he cuts the hunter head and immediatly kill it. As for the leadder fionna was badly injured while that the jungle hunter decide to fight him hand to hand combat and proceed to fight. the battle lasted few minutes as the jungle hunter were in defeat the super predator leader were about to finish him of but fionna and finn help the jungle hunter by sneak attack the super predator leadder. seeing a chance he immediatly put a deadly attack on him by using a plasma shoulder and hit him in the head, finally the the rival was no more.

PB was been hold by PG saying "this is it my...*cough* life end here...*cough*...finn im sorry if i...i h-hurt your fellings before and again i *cough* s-s-sorry....

The jungle hunter using his wrist computer and immediatly the ship arrived, he then carry PB into his ship for immediat surgery. after and hours the hunter told them that PB were manage to be saved.

finn and others were been greet by predator king that say to them in perfect english saying thank you for your help and he give one of his spear to fionna. before jungle hunter could leave he say to finn that for some reason that you are one adventures kid adn i see that courage guides you, after saying that he depart with other alien creature and ship left. As for the ending scene when the ship dissapear in the darkness of space.


Rebellion team works together with AT crew for this special crossover

This is the first time a predator could speak in perfectly good english

Scarface from predator concreate jungle makes a cameo. He was seen with the predator king

The music from Alien vs predator 2010 game was been used to fit its atmosphere, while the music from AT was rarely used.

The super predator from the movies predators(2010) makes an appearence

louis ozawa changchien makes a special guess star as he was voicing as bert the warrior he was later voicing other character like candy captain and candy soldier

A weyland yutani logo can been see from the remains of the city as well the damage pile of android that belongs to them too

An ed,edd n eddy poster can be see hanging in finn rooms


Theres few erros on this show. Fionna clothes color sometimes changing from light blue to bright blue

while PB was making an anouncement there were another PB standing in the middle of the crowd this could be impiled that the creator could probally forgot.

Another fionna was been see with several other candy people. And when fionna was talking to the people of land of ooo her double was been see in the crowd eating a chewing gum with and also her double were wearing bright blue color.

the tittle card shows that one of the predator rival wearing red mask, but in the start of the show the rival were wearing black mask


susan strong was been see in the crowd

duke of nuts was been see in the military checkpoint

penny was been seen in the crowd sleeping

ghost princess was been seen again

Dr princess was been see joining the field medic wearing a camo military clothes

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