Adventure Time: Ooo Crusaders is a spin-off that premiered January 2nd, 2013. It has the same characters from the original series, but it is an on-going adventure. All episodes are crucial to the story. Sometimes, in some segments, it will feature one or two Gender-Swapped Episodes. Most have nothing to do with the on-going adventure. In this show, it is different from the actual series, thus Joshua and Margaret are not dead, though some who are alive in the real show, are dead.

Main Characters (Returning)Edit

Finn Jake Princess Bubblegum Ice King Gunter Marceline Lady Rainicorn Shelby CB Peppermint Butler Earl of Lemongrab Goliad Stormo Tree Trunks Joshua Margaret (All Gender-Swapped Characters)

Main Characters (New)Edit

  • Princess Princess
  • Princess Bat
  • Color Prince
  • Color Princess
  • Color Queen
  • Color King

Season OneEdit

Episode Name Plot
Ooo in danger Ice King threatens to kill all of Candy Kingdom after Jake and Finn defeat him.
Never upon a time Finn and Jake's clock stops working, and everyone else is frozen in time.
Fionna and Cake: Female Crusaders Fionna and Cake defeat Ice Queen, but Ice Queen is trying to murder the citizens of Candy Kingdom, similar to the plot of the Pilot.
Pretty in Pink A pink storm cloud causes everyone to change color to a light red. Must be the Color Kingdom! Finn and Jake episode.
Earl of Candy Kingdom Possessed by the Lich, Earl of Lemongrab captures everyone and takes over Candy Kingdom. Finn and Jake.
Relive the Nightmares Finn and Jake had a dream that they cannot wake up, and they must survive their darkest fears for a whole night.
Not my problem Jake keeps saying 'not my problem'. No matter what Finn says says. The cabbage?
Nice Queen In no way is the Ice Queen changed. Her hair is not any shorter, but she is nicer! Is she bonkers?
Finn the Girl Finn gets sucked into Ice King's fan fiction as Fionna. The only way to get out is to defeat Ice Queen.
Jake the Cat Jake follows Finn just as the Ice Queen nearly kills him, continuing from Finn the Girl. Jake has been turned into Cake, complete with the voice change, although Finn does not have Fionna's voice.
Prince Monster Groom Fionna and Cake alteration to Princess Monster Wife. Slight diologue change to fit names and some different actions.
Reign Storm Gunters is at it again. Rain clouds come far and wide for another take-over. Finn and Jake episode.

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