Adventure Time: Infinite Cruise


Comic Book Series

Created by

Jason Duck (Based of the original series by Pendleton Ward)


Jason Duck

Zachary Greenwalt

Nicholas Greenwalt


Jason Duck


Stone Conner

Nicholas Greenwalt

Clayton Bernard


Pizza Comix (#1 - current)




Ongoing Series

Number of Issues

Vol 1.

1 (30 planned)

Main Character(s)

Finn the Human

Jake the Dog

Adventure Time: Infinite Cruise is a spin-off comic series of Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. This spin-off series details the adventures of Adventure Time's main characters, Finn and Jake, on the grand ocean of Hyacinthous that seperates the lands of Ooo and Aaa. The series takes place in an alternate timeline that splits off of the main Adventure Time timeline after the events of In Your Footsteps.


In the alternate timeline, the Snail who has been possesed by the Lich had taken the Enchiridion to his master immediatly. The Lich corrupted the hero's manual, and, after adding it to a broth of various ingredients, unleashes a powerful blast of near-neuclear proportions upon the land of Ooo. The pilot opens with heroes Finn and Jake defending the ruins of the Candy Kingdom against an army of undead knights, rasised by the Lich's power. The 1st issue takes place a year after the disaster has happened. Given the series' name, Infinite Cruise, and that the synopsis includes adventures on an ocean, it is assumed Finn and Jake will find a boat and begin sea-faring adventures in later episodes.


Main Characters

  • Finn: A 15 year old human who was known as a great adventuer in the Land of Ooo. His achivments included obtaining the Enchirideon, defeating the Lich, and defeating an entire colony of Why-Wolves (Just to name a few). A year later, he appears to have changed outfits. He still wears his signature white hat, but has replaced his other clothes with a brown, torn, hodded cloak and black boots. He also has seemed to have increased swordplay skills, and has an entire arsenal of magical swords at his disposal, hidden in a magic pouch under his cape. He also keeps the golden sword he initally had at the beggining of his adventures, and the root sword he later replaced it with stored on the udnerside of his cloak, on either side of his pouch. In addition, he is also shown to be capable of weilding three swords at once (Two in each hand, one held in his mouth). Only three swords of his have been seen in action so far, the root sword, the gold sword, and the Steel Sword, though it was explained there are many more.
  • Jake: A 24 year old dog who was also known as a great adventurer in the Land of Ooo, being Finn's best friend who had accompanied him during almost all his adventuers. He now wears a torn brown cloak, like Finn, and black boots on his back legs, though his does wear black gloves on his front legs. His clothes seem to grow and strech with him when he uses his streching powers. He, like Finn, has undergone a year of training, though he was trained in the arts of magic rather than swordplay, but he does use his father's Demon Sword (Which was named the Blood Red Demon Sword in the 1st issue). In the 1st issue, he was shown freezing a group of undead knights with ice, blasting them with lightning, and burning a group of zombies to the ground with fire breath.
  • Princess Bubblegum: A 19 year old princess who is also a scientist and Finn's former love intrest. She rules over the ruins of the Candy Kingdom, the majority of which was destroyed in the nuclear explosion following the stealing of the Enchridion. She isn't actually seen in the 1st issue, but it is mentioned that Finn, Jake, and what remained of the Candy Kingdom Army were fighting to protect her.

The other Main Characters of the original series have yet to be seen.

Issue ListEdit

The list of issues.


1 - Reunion

1 Year after Ooo was destroyed by the Lich, Finn and Jake must defend what remains of the Candy Kingdom from a horde of Undead Knights.

Release Date: June 30, 2012.

2 - The Adventure Resumes

Finn and Jake begin their quest to destroy the Lich.

Release Date: July 13, 2012

3 - In Your Shadow

On their quest to destroy the Lich,Finn and Jake encounter shadow copies of themselves, who copy their every move.

Release Date: July 27th, 2012

Triva Edit

  • Finn and Jake are both shown to have grown much stronger, as Finn was shown cutting down a group of about fifty zombies in an istant using one of his techniques , and Jake was shown to freeze another fifty and then blast the frozen zombies to pieces with lightning.

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