Impact On Ooo is a game created by BuritoMan, designed by DarKingdomHearts, storied by Leonard McLean 14, and scripted by civic.

Season 1Edit

PC = Playable Characters

E = Enemies

MB = Mini Boss (optional)

B = Boss

Let The Adventure BeginEdit

PC = Finn, Jake, Elf Prince, PB

E = Ants, and Penguins

MB = Goblin Bandit and Gunter

B = Ice King

Becareful What You Wish ForEdit

PC = Finn, Jake, Jason

E = Bats

B = Magic Man

Burning By My SideEdit

PC = Finn, Jake, Flame Princess

E = Flame Guards

B = Flame King

The Three LegendsEdit

PC = Finn, Jake

E = Demonicons, Skeletons, Grims

B = King Demonicon, The Lich, Lord Grim

Ice TryEdit

PC = LSP, Hot Dog Princess, Raggedy Princess, Emerald Princess, Slime Princess

E = Penguins

B = Ice King

Where Are WeEdit

PC = Finn

E = Jungle Pricess, Reptile Princess, Princess Bubblegum, Muscle Princess, LSP, GP, and other princesses.

B = Ice King


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