Adventure Time: Heroes of Ooo is a video game based on Adventure Time. It is developed WayForward Technologies, D3 Publisher, Cartoon Network Interactive, Capcom and Pendleton Ward. The game is released on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo WII U and Nintendo 3DS.


The player directly controls Finn from a third-person camera angle. Most of the gameplay occurs on interconnected field maps where battles take place. The game is driven by a linear progression from one story event to the next, usually told in the form of cutscenes, though there are numerous side-quests available that provide bonuses to the characters.

Like many traditional role-playing video games, Adventure Time features an experience point system which determines character development. As enemies are defeated, the player and allies gain experience which culminates in a "level up", in which the playable characters grow stronger and gain access to new abilities.

Combat in Adventure Time is in real-time and involves button presses which initiate attacks by the on-screen character. A role-playing game menu, similar to those found in Final Fantasy games, at the bottom left of the screen provides other combat options such as using magic or executing combination attacks with The player is also able to switch between the party members that are chosen for the level, although most of the times when beginning a level you can only play as the characters in that story. You can have 3 part members max in your team, though this is not always the occassion in the story mode.


The game follows the events of Adventure Time.


There are many missions based on the episodes of Adventure Time. Some of the episodes are excluded. To see the list of mission and their discription see: Heroes of Ooo Missions.


You begin with a few areas. All the other areas only can be opened when reached a certain level.

Grass LandsEdit

  • Grass Lands: includes places like the Tree Fort, Hot Dog Kingdom, Veggie Village and the Undergrounds. The Grass Lands borders almost all other areas.
  • Marauder Village (Level 7): a place with many missions. Located behind the Grass Lands. Later Flame Princess' home is located here but unlike in the show the village is still there.
  • Wizard City: (Level 30): Also has Wizard Village inside of it which is accesable from Level 8, talk to Reaper to get there.
  • Rump Town (Level 10): also has Freak City.
  • Labyrinth (Level 26): talk to Hot Dog Princess
  • Video Game Zone (Level 23): talk to BMO

Candy KingdomEdit

  • Candy Kingdom: also has a passway to Lemongrab and Duchy of Nuts. Frog also teleports you to Lumpy Space from here.
  • Lumpy Space (Level 3): Cand teleport back to Candy Kingdom.
  • Cloud Kingdom (Level 7): Talk to Lady Rainicorn to get there.
  • Duchy of Nuts (Level 9): follow a side-path in the Candy Kingdom to get there.
  • Lemongrab (Level 35): accesable hrough side-path in Candy Kingdom.


  • Forest: is an area without missions adjecent to other forests: Evil, Spooky Forest, Stock Woods and Forest of Trees.
  • Evil Forest (Level 3): entered through the forest. Eventually leads to the Crystal Dimension.

  • Mount Cragdor (Level 5): follow a path between the Grass Lands and Candy Kingdom to get there.

  • Ocean (Level 9): go to the edge of the forest to encounter the ocean.

  • Spooky Forest: accesable through the Forest, leads to Spooky Swamp.
  • Spooky Swamp: accesable through the Spooky Forest.


  • Undergrounds: can be entered through the well in at the Tree Fort and Forest.
  • Jiggler Home (Level 3): accesable through the well at Tree Fort.
  • Slime Kingdom (Level 60): accesable through both wells.
  • Gnome Lair (Level 20): accesable through the well at Tree Fort.
  • Dungeon (Level 10): accesable through the well in Forest.
  • Beautopia (Level 25): accesable through well in Forest.

Ice KingdomEdit

  • Ice Kingdom (Level 5): adjecent to the Grass Lands and leads to Lich's Lair.
  • Iceberg Lake (Level 5): next to Ice Kingdom.
  • Lich's Lair (Level 30): located behind the Iceberg Lake (locked after Lich's defeat)

Fire KingdomEdit

  • Fire Kingdom (Level 50): located between the Desert Lands and Mountain Kingom
  • Lava Tipped Mountains (Level 60): behind the Fire Palace, Jason's mansion is located there.

Mountain KingdomEdit

  • Mountain Kingdom: contains several areas and accesable from the start.
  • Marceline's Cave (Level 26): Marceline's House is here too but that's already accesable from Level 8.
  • Mystery Mountains (Level 52)
  • Desert Lands (Level 15): leads other areas.
  • Cube - Spike Village (Level 15): somewhere in Desert Lands.
  • Bad Lands (Level 9): accesable though Desert Land.

Hologram KingdomEdit

  • Hologram Kingdom: (Level 14) contains several areas and accesable for Leonard, Finn, Marceline, Jake and Marsha.
  • Grand Holocron's Temple: (Level 44) talk to Hologram Mary.
  • Leonard's House: (Level 74) accesable for Leonard only.
  • Data System: (Level 94) go into Leonard's system.


  • Nightosphere (Level 52): large area accesable through Marceline's Cave.
  • Wildberry Kingdom (Level 47): located next to the Goblin Kingdom
  • Crystal Dimension (Level 20): through the Evil Forest.
  • Goblin Kingdom (Level 23): accesable though the Forest of Trees.
  • Land of Death (Level 25): talk to Peppermint Butler in the Candy Kingdom
  • Fanfiction (Level 37): talk to Ice King
  • Library (Level 45): talk to Turtle Princess
  • Mars (Level 55): one-time acces by Magic Man
  • Jungle Island (Level 60): board from Iceberg Lake.



  • Finn the Human (all the time)
  • Jake the Dog (all the time)
  • Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum (several missions)
  • Ice King (several missions)
  • Marceline Abadeer (several missions)
  • Leonard McLean (several missions)
  • Lumpy Space Princess (few missions)
  • Flame Princess (few missions)
  • Tree Trunks (3 missions)
  • Elf Prince (Get him by completing Battle Mode!)
  • Marshalia Abadeer (Unlocked by defeating her as a boss)


(not in any particular order)

  • Ice King
  • Possessed Princess Bubblegum
  • Bat Marceline
  • Flame Princess
  • Crystal Queen Tree Trunks
  • The Lich (2 times)
  • Aquandrius
  • Hunson Abadeer
  • Worm King
  • Scorcher
  • Mildwin
  • Sleepy Sam (bonus)
  • Ice Queen (bonus)
  • Cosmic Owl (bonus)
  • Henchman Leonard
  • Marshalia
  • Hunter (Omegasaurus)


  • Ice Soldiers
  • Henchmen
  • Holographic Men
  • Leonard Clones
  • Prisoner Guards
  • Royal Guards
  • Ice Guards
  • Army Men
  • Juggernaughts
  • Royal Soldiers
  • Zombies
  • Skeleton
  • Priests
  • Skeleton Masked Priest


  • BMO
  • Royal Soldier
  • Royal Guard
  • Royal Princess
  • Sergant
  • Lady Rainicorn
  • Snail (collect all snails in each area to unlock genderswap costumes)
  • Gunter
  • Slimey Princess
  • Hot Dog Princess
  • Hot Dog Guards
  • Princess Princess Princess
  • Cinnamon Bun
  • Peppermint Butler
  • Chocoberry
  • Starchy
  • Nurse Poundcake
  • Dr. Ice Cream
  • Mr. Cupcake
  • Stacky Panic
  • Flame King
  • Flambo
  • Peter Pape


Adventure ModeEdit

This is the main plot story. You will have to go through the missions and defeat the bosses and enemies on your way to eventually defeat the Lich for good.

Battle ModeEdit

In this mode you can play as a few characters and fight each other. You can play as all the playable characters from the Adventure Mode in addition to the Linch. Several characters have to be unlocked who are: Ice King, The Lich, Flame Princess, Tree Trunks and Lumpy Space Princess. All the characters can go into Adventure Time, which is their most powerful power/ transformation.

Battle ModeEdit


Name Costume 1 Costume 2 Costume 3 Adventure Time
Finn the Human Lute Suit Pajama Fionna Wizard Mode
Jake the Dog Strawberry Randy Butternubs Cake Gut Grinder
Ice King Nice King Naked Ice Queen Ice Armor
Princess Bubblegum Snow Parka Movie Prince Gumball Candy Army
Marceline Casual Gardener Marshal Lee Tentacle Monster
Lumpy Space Princess Duchess Gummybuns Quinceañera Dress Lumpy Space Prince Lumpy Storm
Flame Princess Dancer Wet Flame Prince Overheat
Lady Rainicorn Winter Zombie Lord Monochronicorn Tornado
Tree Trunks Winter Army Brat Tree Trunks (Male) Crystal Queen
The Lich Old Design Princess Bubblegum Billy Possesed Monster
Magic Man Disguise The Operator Magic Woman Switch Spell
Susan Strong Shadow Celina N/A Hyooman Tribe
Hunson Abadeer Lazy Purple Suit Lady of Evil Monster
BMO Camera Man Professor Pants Soccer Game World
Ice Princess Cocktail Dress Soot Snow Icey Ice Prince Frozen World
Jason Lord Jason Reptile Jason Jacy Third Wish
Marshalia Abadeer Party Dress Marshalia Vixi Marsh Marsha's Pressure
Leonard McLean Hologram Human Bridgette Ultra Hologram
Elf Prince Tunic Jacket Elf Princess Elf Monster


  • Candy Kingdom
    • Candy Castle
    • Princess Bubblegum's Room
    • Candy Streets
  • Grass Lands
    • Tree Fort
    • Inside Tree Fort
    • Flame Princess's House
    • Marceline's Cave
    • Tree Trunks House
  • Nightosphere
    • Nightosphere Jail
    • Hunson's Castle
  • Ice Kingdom
    • Ice King's Lair
    • Ice Mountains
    • Iceberg Lake
  • Fire Kingdom
    • Fire Palace
    • Fire Kingdom Grounds
  • Other Kingdoms
    • Wildberry Kingdom
    • Hot Dog Kingdom
    • Slime Kingdom
    • Lumpy Space Kingdom
  • Other Locations
    • Cemetary
    • Crystal Dimension
    • Land of the Death
    • Joshua's Dungeon
    • Lich's Lair
  • Hologram City
    • Temple
    • Leonard's Data System
    • Hologram Dungeon
    • Ancestor Hall
    • Hologram Park
  • Elf Kingdom
    • Elf Castle
    • Elf Hospital
    • Elf Park


  • Finn
    • Golden Sword
    • Demon Sword
    • Crystal Sword (Fionna)
  • Jake
    • Stretchy Powers (1P)
    • Stretchy Powers (2P)
    • Stretchy Powers (Cake)
  • Ice King
    • Ice Shield and Sword
    • Ice Powers (1P)
    • Ice Powers (Ice Queen)
  • Princess Bubblegum
    • Science Beaker
    • Candy Sword
    • Molotov (Prince Gumball)
  • Marceline
    • Axe Bass (Red)
    • Axe Bass (Crimson)
    • Axe Guitar (Marshall Lee)
  • Lumpy Space Princess
    • Lumpy Powers (1P)
    • Lumpy Powers (2P)
    • Lumpy Powers (Lumpy Space Prince)
  • Flame Princess
    • Red Flames
    • Blue Flames
    • Golden Flames
  • Lady Rainicorn
    • Rainicorn Powers (Rainbow)
    • Rainicorn Powers (Chrome)
    • Monochromicorn Powers (Lord Monochromicorn)
  • Tree Trunks
    • Basket
    • Picnic Basket
    • Suitcase (Male Tree Trunks)
  • Lich King
    • Possessing Powers
    • Demon Powers
    • Lich Powers
  • Magic Man
    • Magictricks
    • Illusions
    • Magic
  • Susan Strong
    • Muscles
    • Knuckle Fists
    • Baseball Bat
  • Hunson Abadeer
    • Nightosphere Amulet
    • Nightosphere Gauntlet
    • Nightosphere Sword
  • Beemo
    • Game Sword
    • Game Controller
    • Soccer Ball (Soccer)
  • Ice Princess
    • Ice Sword
    • Ice Spear
    • Ice Axe (Ice Prince)
  • Jason
    • Evil Guy Slaying Sword (1P)
    • Evil Guy Slaying Sword (2P)
    • Evil Guy Slaying Sword (???)
  • Leonard McLean
    • Tomahawk (Green) (1P)
    • Spirit Bow and Arrow
    • Tomahawk (Azure) (2P)
    • Tomahawk (Pink) (Bridgette)
  • Elf Prince
    • Fist
    • Axe Piano
    • Science Potion
    • Axe Keyboard (Elf Princess)
  • Marshalia Abadeer
    • Animal amulet
    • Sword (buyable)
    • Spear
    • Bow and Arrow (Marshaleo)


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