STORYLINE Finn and Jake with Fionna and Cake messed The Time machine,accidently transport them back in year 2020,where the battle battle between terrorism started.And they must survived the past where magic havent return back to earth yet and also before the great mushroom war(Nuclear war). STORYLINE DEVELOPEMENTIn this movie, the AT character with Gender bent character were stuck in the past where the human were still exist before the mushroom war started. EA state that they stranded in the past where technology in that time exist before magic appaerence.Few character in the crossover series,like GLA, China and USA.According to Pen ward, this story was to show few viewer on finn and fionna with cake and jake,on what was land looked like before the war. DATE OF RELEASED.19 july 2012 while in asia 21 july 2012,in europe 23 july 2012

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