What It's AboutEdit

Adventure Time: Comics for the Bored People is comic series with various stories from either universe of Adventure Time (Ooo or Aaa) that is designed for people to read when they have nothing better to do. Sometimes they will be based on stories already written by me or totally random topics.

Important InformationEdit

  • These comics are drawn by me, Finnthealgebraic.
  • Suggestions are accepted!
  • The pictures are drawn strait out of a sketch notebook so they may not be the best quality, to bear with me people.
  • I might drawn some scenes from my stories in the "What Was" Series, like What Was Unnoticed and What Was Unexpected. Also, some may be some side scenes based off the stories.

Right Now:Edit

Comic pages are not up yet, but will be soon, I promise. Thanks for your time.

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