This storyline takes place during all adventure time episode and it were suprisgly directed by United State Army and Pen ward. The show was received high good reviews not just only people but also US president obama. Few military officer were voice casting in this show as well.

Adventure Time: American Army/Transcript


15 May 2012 in whole world except Russia but finally been excepted in 10 july 2012


The story focuses on ruined city as few US marines were pushing the russian forces back to the starting point,after the intense battle the Russians retreat.

The scene changes to military HQ as USA satelite discovers the Russian secret base in the large content. The group of blackhawk lands on the island to investigate only in their shock they see few weird living creature.

While the group of soldier were scouting, they heard a sound that looks like a battle. When they arrive they saw a group of what it looks like a humanoid creature in armor attack a young boy and dog that try to protect the town. The US marines saw more of them and decide to help him out.

While finn sees that he cannot defend the village he said there is no hope, just about a gunshot was heard and he see a group of human dress in some armor. When the soldiers eliminate the treat,they all focus on the boy.

Finn can't believe what he saw and asked one of the soldiers and saying" a-are you human!?....i-i thought i was the last human!" and the soldier replied that" what do you mean by last human?...heck theres more human still alive hiding kiddo'' finn and jake want to invite them all to candy kingdom.

The group of marines were speechless on what they saw and immediatly they were taken to PB. she was about to say hi on finn and jake but she was shocked on what she see, PB saw a human just like finn and she immediatly asking lot and lots of question on the commander. The commander told PB to ask one in the time and she said" sorry...its just i never saw another group of human beside finn. so theres more of you still lived?' asked her. the commander said yes to her and he told that an enemy called the Soviets were building a base somewhere in this land.

PB said to them that they were in land of ooo. Just she was about to continued again, the ice king came and try to kidnap the princess, finn and jake try to fight him but the commander told them to stand down and they were immideatly attack ice king with an assault rifle. Finally the ice king was tied by US marines and PB thanks to the commander for his bravery for protecting her.

Meanwhile the Russian Forces attack Fire Kingdom, but stands their way was flame princess as she destroy every thanks and light vehicle. The hind assault helicopter doing a great job neutralizing FP using cryo weapon once owned by Futuretech. FP was defeated by them and taken by the Russians.

The commander makes a video called that he and his teamate discover a land full of weird creature as well he try to find the base however. Minutes later 5 blackhawk and 8 chinooks carrying tanks and hum vee were immediatly ready their positon on assaulting the russian base. Later on the commander meet marceline, one of the commander soldier, sargeant fort( voiced by R Lee Erney) see her rudeness and lack of discipline immediatly told marceline to to push ups, finn and PB told the sargeant that if you making her mad she will turn into a monster, as marceline getting mad and say" I DONT FOLLOW YOUR ORDERS I AM A VAMPIRE QUEEN!!!" immediatly she turn into monster.unfortunetly sargeant fort seems more difficult, in the end marceline give up and force to except the punishment instead.

in the next morning the russian forces attack candy kingdom. The battle was intense as the russian retreat back. finally they found the base and see a prisoner, finn realise that FP was missing few days ago and he want to rescue her. The USA forces attack anything they got, and finn manage to rescue FP, but before they could celebrate a Super Hind Helicopter armed with cryo weapon, gattling cannon and heat guding missle appear and attack few soldier.

The super hind targeting finn and flame princess as the super heli are now trying to slaughter them both. As they were to meet their doom, PB bird the marrow attack the super Hind, seeing the chance, FP created a huge fireball and immediatly destroy the super Hind. The ending shows that PB sign a contract and offically the human survivor can stand in here with the generals say to her that she were been offer to become from princess to commander, but she reject it and say" thanks for the offer but.... im part of royal family so i like being a princess instead." The general aknowledge and thanks her.


Narrator-Daniel Dae Kim

Finn- Jeremy shada

Jake- john dimaggio

PB- hynden walch

Marceline- Olivia olson

ice king- tom kenny

Flame princess- Jessica Dicicco

The commander- Chris O 'Donnell

The general- Barry corbin

Lt harrison- LL cool J

Sargeant fort- R Lee Erney

US advisor- Joseph D.Kucan

soldier 1- Lt steward

soldier 2- pvt bannon

soldier 3- sgt sandera

soldier 4- Michael Bell

Rocketeer- David Fries

Lt Mills- Bear gryls

Russian commander- Dee Bradley Baker

Russian all conscript-Douglas Rye

Additional Voicecast: Pen ward, adam muto,nate cash,Joseph D.kucan,Barry corbin,George Takei,Isabella Acres,Paige Moss.


Two of the music from Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank was been used,one the music used as an intro,the music from the start of intense game battle and one of the music usually player faced a enemy boss was been heard when the Super Hind Helicopter attack Finn and FP.The intro music was been used again as an ending

There a voice cast from the most popular RTS game Red Alert 2 makes an voice appearence

This is the first time US army worked together with Adventure time crew to create the most action combat theme cartoons

From the begining of the intro, they use a real life military training footage and few of the US army recording footage in middle east.

In US version of AT: American Army, the conscript were seen wearing regular brown helmet and armor almost resemble in RA2 but in the remaster version of AT: American Army by CN Russia, The conscript were looked like spetsnaz from STALKER series.

The CN Russia used some voiced from Stalker and edit them. If you heard carefully you can heard the heicopter pilot voice is from the stalker game

The Futuretech name was been say by the soviets, indicating that the Futuretech could probally involved in the war.Since the futuretech were gone forever, the soviet use their cryo technology to used against the USA army


through received a good review, the Russia goverment however banned this special episode on Russia because there were communist related in this show. The show was never been show in russia because the Russian was before USSR. The show was completly banned and the CDs were confiscate by Russian goverment. However in 10 july 2012, after few discussion by the US goverment the show was been release but they remaster the show however


The cartoon network in Russia were immediatly remaster and edit the show, for example, the communist flag and logo were replace by Russian flag and logos, the intro was been reamake again, mixing the intro footage of US marine in combat with the Russian special forces in training. New Scene was been made instead the Russian Super Hind appear, it was replace with Super MIG Fighter as the mig fly around and launch the missle and also the MIG were mixture between Harrier jet fighter and The US raptor fighter. Another new scene was been put in this episode,for example the scene when the fire kingdom was been attack by soviets were replace,instead the scene focus on the russian forces that planing to attack them all.


Theres few erros in this show, for example the crusader tank from the scene where the sargent fort punish marceline is blue but when the camera zoomed out at The commander the tank is seen in camo color again.

Throught this erros PB hair suddenly red but after a while in all the scene later on her hair color change back to pink.

In the remaster version of AT: American Army by CN Russia, One of the US marine helmet were suddenly tun into brown, but later on, it turn to normal. Also marceline in scene where she been punish by US soldier,her skin in the remaster version seems to have human skin but later on her skin turn back to grey.


penny was been seen nearby junkyard where the russian hind were scouting( Russian Version Only)

in the remaster version by CN russian, susan strong makes an appearence and with them in whole scene, but in American version, she was not appear in whole scene but in the battle she was been seen fighting the conscript while in remaster version she return back to her tribe.

in the remaster version, Fionna and cake makes a cameo, she was sitting in the grass eating a sandwich with cake in unkown area, when the russian transport helicopter( in US version is name Hind transport) were scouting, you can see them both after the camera follows the helicopter scout.

Magic man was been seen nearby bridge, but in remaster version he was been remove and were replace by Huntress(from the wizard battle)

Ghost princess was been seen again in remaster version by CN russia, however in the episode Ghost princess, her soul is live in peace. This could probally the crew forgot that her soul was in peace.



Crusader Tank

Paladin Tank




Hind Transport

Russian light tank

Heavy Tank

Super Hind

Super MIG (Russian version only)


Russian commander: get your men ready....we attack them now!

Finn: this is radical!!! another human!!

PB:Commies?....whats an commies?

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