Finn,Jake, and Princess Bubblegum went to Iceberg Lake To Watch The Iceberg move To Shore.Jake Sees a Weird Iceberg and Tells Finn About it.The Three Walk To it Looked What is it.Finn Then sees a Writing in The Iceberg but before He Can Read It,The Iceberg melted reavealing a unknown Item In The Iceberg.Jake Then Finds a Writing(Same Writing Finn Found) That has somthing to Do With The Great Mushroom War.Finn Reads it and It Says"NWSF Nuclear Weapon Sceince Faliclites",While Jake and Princess Bubblegum Finds a Name"Zack Zander",In a moment, Finn Had A Vision of The Great Mushroom War and Gets Knocked Out.Finn The Wakes Up In His Room with Jake And Princess Bubblegum and The Story Begins.............

Adventure Time:Finn's Lost Memory

Finn:What Happened?

Jake:You Fainted Somehow.

Princess Bubblegum:What Happened Back There?

Finn:I dont know What Happened Back There.

Jake:C'mon Finn.Spit it out!

Finn:Really! I dont know what happened back There.

Princess Bubblegum:If You Really Dont Know,You Must know What Happened Before You Fainted.

Finn:I saw somthing.....A Vision Actully.


Princess Bubblegum:A vision is Extremely Rare In Ooh!


Jake:Hey! You Copied me!


Princess Bubblegum:Lets go To My Lab So We Can Check What Happened.

*Scene Changes To Candy Kingdom"

Princess Bubblegum:This Dosent make any sense!

Finn and Jake:Why?

Princess Bubblegum:I dont have the right Technology for This Kind of Trasition!

Finn:How Can That Be?

'Jake:Yeah.How can That Be'?

Princess Bubblegum:It Will Take Years for the Technology to be reasreched!

Jake:How Long?

Princess Bubblegum:1000 Centuries - 25000 Centuries.

Finn and Jake:Wow!!!!!!!

Finn:Thats Really Long!

Jake:So Long The World Will Be Bombarded Already before it can be found!


Jake:Just Kidding!

Princess Bubblegum:Anyways,What Was The Name You Found in The Weird Thing we Saw?

Jake:Zack Zander.

Finn:Come Again.

Jake:Zack Zander.


Finn is Suprised By The Name"Zack Zander".Everyone in the room gets teleported into Finn's Mind and Learns What Happened To The Earth in The First Place.

*Scene changes To Grass Land (Site of The NWSF)*

Jake:What Happened!?!?!?!?!

Princess Bubblegum:Were Teleported In Finn's Mind!

Jake:Phew!Wait,Whats That?

They Turn And Find Finn and Zack Running With Weapons and Armor.



Finn:LETS GET OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

Zack:Watch Out!

Finn:Whoa!Thanks Man.

Zack:There's The Freezing Chamber Escape Mortality Pods House 1!



Finn:Shoot Them Down Like Heck!


Finn:To The Door!To The Door!


German Captain:FIRE THEM!

Zack:Taste Fire Bomb Granadas Fools!


German Capatain:Run!

'Finn:Good Were Safe now'!

Zack:In The Freezing Chamber Finn!

Finn:Okay! You Turn Me To A Baby and remember The Plan!

Zack:Farewell Brother!

Finn:Farewell Brother,Old Chum!

*Zack Freezes Finn*

Zack:Now Gotta Fininsh This!

Computer;Heavy Radiation Ex Mega Nuke - Destroyer of Life Ready To Be Luanched in 3........2............1.........

Zack:Gotta Get me in the Chamber!

Computer:1...........0........Ignition and Nuke Explodes in 30 Seconds!

Jake and Princess Bubblegum Witnessed The End of The World and The Destruction Of The Earth!Both of Them Learned The End of The World Was Cuased by Zack To Finish The Human Race Before They Can Destroy Ooh......Which Only Stands Left 100000 Years Ago after The War Ended and Learns That Ooh is The only living country left in the Whole Universe.

*Scene Chaneges To The Candy Kingdom*

Jake and Princess Bubblegum:Ouch!

Jake:Wow!I didn't Know that 2 Humans are Left In The World!

Princes Bubblegum:Me Neither.Lets Wake up Finn!

*Finns wakeup"


Princess Bubblegum:Finn your awake good!

Jake:Finn we were Transported in Your Mind!

Finn:How On Earth that Happened?

Jake:Maybe I Said"Zack Zander".

Princess Bubblegum:Looks like there is somthing weird right now.

Finn;What is it?

Princess Bubblegum:The Capsule Thing is Opening.

Finn:Oh No!

*Finn jumps out the window followed by Jake and Princess Bubblegum*

Finn jumps like crazy out of The Window and Jake and Princess Bubblegum follow him to Iceberg Lake were finn gets his Freind,Zack Zander!Jake and Princess Bubblegum Must find a way to learn more secrets of Finns Past or Lose Track of His Memory and Never learned who started The War In The First Place.

Find Finn's Lost Memory Chp 2!

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