The giant snake has been awakend.It lunged at Billy and Nightmare and ate them."Billy."Finn said."No."Mordicai said.Nightmare was killed in this incident.Then it chased Finn,Jake,Mordicai,Rigby,Fionna,and Cake."What do we do!!"asked Rigby."Only one thing we can do:RUN!!!!"said Mordicai.The six got back on the ship.Rigby was piloting.Even though he has no expriance.He was driving really fast.The snake was following the ship."Excuse me but objects in the mirror are closer than they appear!"said Rigby.They are getting tooooo much weight."We need to throw things overboard!"said Mordicai.Everyone throws things overboard.The snake eats those things and gets larger."The more it consumes the bigger it gets.Don't throw anything else overboard!"warned Finn.Rigby didn't obey his instructions and threw Billys sword into the snakes mouth.Then it ate the ships engine."Abandon Ship!"Fionna said in fear.The ship got to the grasslands of Aaa.Then the snake picked up Fionna and Cake's Tree Fort and crushed it.Then the ship and colossal snake got to the badlands.The six heros got off the ship and went to a whale skeleton for safety.They watched their ship come down.Then the snake goes somwhere else."We need to warn pepole before it gets bigger."said Mordicai."Bigger,BIGGER!That thing is so big it just crushed your intire house.Lets think of ideas on how to beat it.It's not like there's another sacred flute so we can pick it up and churn it.Oh wait what about Billy.I forgot,he was eaten and left us high and dry.Oh what about our wepons,witch will do nothing aginst a snake that size!!Heh Heh Oh your so hooped."Rigby said sarcastically."Is this what Billy wanted.Us running and hiding.Fighting ecother."Finn said."But he's not here anymore."Mordicai said.Everyone looked sad.Then Finn continued"But his teachings live on.Billy once told me its not the size of a hero to fight,but the size of the fight in the hero.All this training,all these battles we had with Ice King and Ice Queen and The Lich,We've gone through so much,we can't just give up now.We will work together.Witch is exactly what Billy would want us to do right now.""But we would need a wepon so big."said Jake."Or an idea thats even bigger.Hah Rigby,your a genius.You thinking what i'm thinking. "Finn said."Proboly not but go ahead."said Rigby."Theres no time.I'll meet you at the junkyard."Finn said."Why?"Fionna asked."We are going to destroy that snake once and for all."Finn said.The 7 heros went to the junkyard."If the Grim Snake likes to eat.This place has a full on buffet.Mordicai said."That is some bad-"Cake cut Rigby off "Cool down with the language."Finnaly Finn and Fionna found what they needed."This place has enough peices to make this vehicle."Finn said."BMO,do you have the sacred flute in your memory bank?"asked Fionna."It might have been destroyed earllyer,but I have it's exact tone recorded and ready for playback."BMO responded.Then the gigantic snake that is supposed to be the Grim Snake came."Ok,NOW!"Finn said.Then Finn,Jake,Mordicai,Rigby,Fionna,Cake use their wepons and powers to create a veichle.The Grim Snake's tail tried to crush it but our heros avoided it.BMO tried to shoot the sound of the Sacred Flute at the Grim Snake but failed."This is a battle not target practice.Your supposed to hit him not give him a haircut!"Mordicai said."Hey let me remind you we just magically hooked up this thing of junk."BMO said."Well I hope someone added a reverse feature,because,REVERSE!!!!"said Cake as the Grim Snake tried to crush them."Hows this for reverse."said Mordicai as he reversed."Rigby,hold down that snake."Mordicai told Rigby.Then Rigby held him down."Churn your way out of this!"BMO said as he shot the sound of the Sacred Flute at the Grim Snake.Finn saw a weak spot on it's forhead."It's got a weak spot."Finn said."What!"Mordicai said."On it's forhead.It's got a-"the Grim Snake crashed BMO's seat right when Finn was about to finish."BMO!!!"everyone said."I'm fine.That was close."BMO said as he revealed his top broken off.The Grim Snake escaped."We will probly never beat it."Mordicai said."But I saw a weak spot on it's forhead."Finn said."Oh great let me make a note on that.Gigantic snake has itsy-bitsy weak spot,that will be TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO GET BECAUSE THAT THING IS SO REDICULIOUSLY HUGE,TO DO ANYTHING TO STOP IT!!!!!"Rigby yelled sarcastically."Are you done now?"Fionna asked."Ahhh yes."Rigby awnserd in a calm way."Because this thing just got worse.Look."Fionna said.Everyone saw the Grim Snake going to the Candy Kingdom."It's headed for The Candy Kingdom."said BMO."Thats where Prince Gumball is."said Fionna."So is everybody else!"said Cake."If it consumes the greatest kingdom in all of Aaa,there will be no stopping it."said Finn.In the Candy Subway the Grim Snake came through.It destroyed the subyway and entered the Candy Kingdom.The heros (not counting BMO) found the grim snake attacking the castle.Rigby jumped up and shot it with lighting."Fire!"he

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