The three are running from Ybgir."How do we beat it?"asked Cake."We have to say Rigby 3 times each."Rigby Rigby Rigby!"yelled Rigby."Rigby Rigby Rigby!"yelled Cake."Rigby Rigby Rigby!"yelled Fionna.Suddenly,Ybgir turned to dust.Then they continued to The Fire Kingdom.While Finn and Flame Prince were fighting Finn saw Rigby coming.He also saw a human girl and a strechy cat.When they came to him Finn introduced himself to Fionna and Cake."These guys are bad-"Finn cut Flame Prince off "Hey.Stop the language this is a K+ rated story!"."No it's rated T.Oh wait it is rated K+."said Flame Prince.Finn touched Fionna's hands and fell in love.Then the battle continued and the four fled."Now we need to find Mordicai."Rigby said as the four went to find him.Nightmare watched them,hoping his plan will work.Ice Queen betray Nightmare.End of chapter 10.

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