The Lich stood there in his cell. His face showed no emotion, and neither did his posture. Glob stared into his cold, unfeeling green eyes, which only caused him to shiver.  If this was the good old days, Glob would have listed his crimes, and had Lincoln disintegrate him. But this wasn’t those days. Glob was confused, and alone, with nobody to talk to besides his 3 other heads, which were just as clueless as he was. Glob was a judge and a jury, but without an executioner he could do nothing but stand. The Lich knew this, so he just sat there, waiting. There is nothing more horrible than looking into the face of chaos and not being able to finish the job…

But you know that feeling all too well, Glob. Remember Magic Man? How mother never wanted him because she wasn’t his? How all that torment caused him to turn to destruction? And how you needed Lincoln to finish him for you, because you would never be able to do it yourself? This is just like then. Face it Glob, he thought. You are nothing with Lincoln. Glob said “I must leave to contemplate how I will torture you” The Lich could tell he was lying.

The Lich waited for hours, and grew bored. There was nothing to make suffer, nothing to destroy. Suddenly, a man appeared before him. He was green, and wore a yellow shirt, pants, and hat. The very sight of his brightness made the Lich’s eyes water. “Hello!” he said in a cheerful voice that still had an undertone of sinister intent. The Lich growled. “What do you want, fool”

“Just to show you how much you suck! Wazoo!” beams came from the man’s fingertips, like fireworks. The slipped between the bars in The Lich’s cell. When they hit him, his skin turned blue and a beard sprouted from his chin. “There we go, now just have a missing girlfriend and everybody will like you!” The Lich’s expression finally changed to one of anger. “Why are you doing this, fool?” He asked. He was so consumed by rage that he couldn’t think of a better insult than “fool”

“Just trying to show you that being a jerk doesn’t mean you have to be so serious!”

“Are you cold?” The Lich said

“Nope, nice and toasty” The man said

“That’s because somebody actually likes me! Wham!” confetti flew from his fingers, and he was gone.

Glob returned “Alright, now I know how to kill you. We will…uhh…cosmos…and…discovery”

The Lich laughed an evil laugh, which sounded like the death of 1000 puppies in a blender “Out of all the gods I have ever met, you are the most pathetic! And I’ve met Prismo!”

“Did you just…laugh?” Glob said

“Being a jerk doesn’t mean that I need to be serious!” The Lich said. His voice was almost…flamboyant this time.

“Where is he?” Glob said.

“Oh, I already finished him. All because you didn’t have the guts to kill me!”

“You couldn’t have” Glob said

“And why is that?” The Lich asked

“Because somebody cares for him”

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