"A Christmas Adventure Carol"
Season 2, Episode Special
Airdate: 25 December
Director: DarKingdomHearts

A Christmas Adventure Carol is a Christmas special based on the classic "A Christmas Carol" tale. It is broadcasted on 25 December along with other Christmas specials of Adventure Time and other Cartoon Network specials.


A friend of his past tells Ice King he will get visited by three ghosts in one night, to learn him to be nicer on Christmas.


Ice King saw that it was his time of the year again, everywhere was snow but he didn't like it. Something inside of him made him grumpy. Ice King Gunter and asked him to throw away the invitation of Finn. Gunter did so but afterwards asked him something. Ice King said he couldn't take off for "Christmas", but with some support of Ice Princess he was allowed to do so. There was knocking on his door and he opened, only to see LSP along with Cinnamon Bun, Mr. Cupcake and Starchy asked for some money for the charity. Ice King got mad and closed the door. It was evening and Ice King sat on his chair when suddenly a ghost appeared, who was Simon Petrikov who warned him about the terrors that may happen if he continues this behavior. Ice King said he didn't know him, and didn't believed the "Simon" story. Simon then said he will get visited by three additional ghost to make him change.

Ghost of Christmas PastEdit

Ice King sat down when suddenly a light appeared and Key-per appeared introducing himself as the Ghost of Christmas Past. He took Ice King along with him to his past. Simon was playing as a little kid with other kids when he met Betty, the woman who would later become his fiancée. They skipped forwards and saw Simon celebrating Christmas along with Betty, Fabian and Inngrid. Simon was still happy and told he recently found the crown. They skipped more forward and saw a Christmas with Simon and Betty. During a conversation Simon's skin turned blue and his hair white, which scared Betty off and Simon started acting insane (because he saw things through his Wizard Eyes) which resulted in Betty leaving him. Ice King remembered it and saw what let him hate Christmas so much.

Ghost of Christmas PresentEdit

After Key-per left, Cuber arrived and introduced himself as the Ghost of the Christmas Present. He decided to take Ice King to other people. They first visited the Tree Fort and showed how a real Christmas was supposed to go. Cuber wondered why IK refused the invitation. Ice King said he doesn't like it anymore. They go to the Nightophere where they see the Christmas of the Abadeer family. Cuber asked why Ice King didn't go spent some time with his best friend. Ice King didn't answer. They went further to a shelter where PB was doing charity work along with the people who sang in front of Ice King's home earlier. Ice King felt guilty for not giving money as he saw that PB was doing charity work. Lastly they went to the Penguin Fort where they saw Gunter and Ice Princess celebrating Christmas with a frozen half chicken, and IK also saw that Gunter's offspring, Kitty, was very sick. Ice King wanted to return.

Ghost of Christmas Yet to ComeEdit

Ice King sat in front of the fireplace thinking over what happened and waited for the last ghost. Reaper then appeared and introduced himself as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. Reaper took IK to the future and let him show that in the future Kitty had died because Ice King wouldn't do anything for Gunter and his daughter. Reaper said that the next death was also caused by him, Finn's death. Ice King accidentally killed Finn when he had an anger outburst. Many people were at Finn's funeral and Ice King saw his future self behind a tree walking away from the funeral. Reaper then said that the next death was his own. Reaper showed the people that liked Ice King who questioned themselves if they wanted to go to the funeral. PB then commented she will go if there's a catering and others agreed. Reaper showed the funeral of Ice King and saw that only Marceline had showed up and placed her toy Hambo on the grave of Ice King and said. "I will always be your friend, no matter how nuts you are." and a tear slid across her face.


Ice King then suddenly woke up in his chair and saw it was still early in the evening. He realised he had to change. Ice King flew out of his window and headed towards the Tree Fort. He barged in and grabbed all the people there and brought them to his place, he said to wait and flew away again. He went to the Candy Kingdom where he grabbed PB and the other charity workers and told the same to them. He then also picked up Marceline and her family and his own family. Everyone was waiting in Ice King's castle when Ice King walked upstairs with a big plasma TV-screen. He put on a movie and said they could celebrate Christmas together. At first everyone was confused but went along with it and celebrated Christmas.


Major CharactersEdit

  • Ice King/ Simon Petrikov
  • The Ghost of Christmas Past (Key-per)
  • The Ghost of Christmas Present (Cuber)
  • The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (Reaper)

Past CharactersEdit

Present CharactersEdit

Future CharactersEdit

  • Ice Princess
  • Gunter
  • Kitty
  • Jake
  • Lady Rainicorn
  • Jade, Jacy & Lloyd
  • Flame Princess
  • BMO
  • Leonard (vampire form)
  • Jason
  • Elf Prince
  • Marceline Abadeer
  • Princess Bubblegum
  • Finn (mentioned)
  • Snail


  • This episode reveals more about Simon.
  • Although Ice King celebrated Christmas in Holly Jolly Secret he already forgot it the following year.
  • Snail appears attending the funeral of Finn.

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