ATS Movie: Dark Sea of Dreams
Directed by Shozana Gilbert
Produced by

Nikolaus Schexnayder

Andy Sammonds

Written by

Ana Stones

Shozna Gilbert

Marcus Young


Kyle Massey

Olivia Olson

Tara Strong

Hynden Walch

Andy Sammonds

Katie Sammonds

John DiMaggio

Roz Ryan

Kevin Micheal Richardson

Music by

Nikolaus Schexnayder


AJ Stones

Cinematography Micheal Irving
Editing by

Marcus Young

William Mendoza


Cartoon Network Studios

Distributed by Warner Bros Inc.
Release date December 11
Running time 96 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $25 million

Adventure Time Songs Movie: Dark Sea of Dreams also know as ATS Movie: Dark Sea of Dreams, is a 2010 American animated film. The film was directed by Shozana Gilbert, co-director of the Adventure Time Songs in: Sonnah series. The title can also be interpeted as ATS the Movie.

In recognition of Adventure Time SS' success, Niktendo Studios in partnership with Frederator Studios had releasesd a featured film on the first season of the series. It aired on Cartoon Network's Flicks block as a special premire. The film was aired on December 11 and had a 4+ million view count making it a commercial success, however was not released theaters. An un-edited version of the movie was released on DVD and Blu-ray on March 9, 2011.


On a bright day with scattered skies, the Echo Princess rests in on a beach far from the Dark Kingdom staring at a sea known as the Sea of Dreams. She constantly thinks of the choices and decisions she's made during her reign as princess. Suddenly she spots a mysterious supernatural being who calls himself the "Dream Carrier" who convinced her to dive into the sea. Anzyta's went into the sea and slowly dived in only to see a vision in of the worst possible future for her and others. This causes her to drown herself and fall into depths of the sea, into Dream Carrier's evil grasp...

Meanwhile, Lyle, Oliva, Sonia, Finn, and Fionna compete in a complete free for all brawl against each other to proove who's the better adventure. As Lyle and Finn square off in their final battle, a messenger from the Dark Kingdom interrupts their battle. They have all been summond by the royal council to recieve a mission of high importance. Once they arrive at the Dark Kingdom, Princess Bubblegum informs them that Princess Anzyta has went missing for several days. The group was quick to accept the quest, Princess Bubblegum was able to theories that she would be in the area of the Sea of Dreams area. At that moment Lyle and friends made it there it mission to bring her back safely.

At the break of dawn, they all set out on a the quest to find the Echo Princess. Lyle and friends travel through the countrysides of many nations and provinces. During their dull travels they get ambushed a group of unordinary creatures. The battle was harder than expect since they were almost untouchable. After the long and hard battle, Lyle suggested that they set camp for the night, everyone easily agreed. When night came and after some mischief, the entire party was fast asleep. Little did they know, the same group of creatures sneaked into the camp site, and had entered everyone's individual dreams. They quickley turned their fantasies into frightening nightmares that caused much disconfort as their energy is slowly drained by the 'Dream Carrier'.



Critical ResponseEdit


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